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FlexRadio 4o3a TGXL Ship Date Announced – Q3 2021

The new FlexRadio TGXL TunerGenius Antenna Tuner

FlexRadio made the announcement last night via a FlexInsider announcement – the TGXL Tuner Genius antenna tuner developed in the FlexRadio Systems/4o3a working group, is ready to roll out.

The FRS link:  https://www.flexradio.com/products/tuner-genius-xl/ The 4o3a page hasn’t been updated but can be found at: https://4o3a.com/tuner-genius

Two models in the initial launch, an SO2R version at $2499 and a single-path 1-input-to-3-output version at $2199.

Early PGXL Power Genius Amp buyers who had a TGXL included in their early adopter package should receive their PGXLs by early summer, with new orders to follow.

Looking forward to receiving mine.



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FlexRadio makes a TunerGenius XL annoucement

FlexRadio Systems 4o3a partnership project’s long await TGXL Tuner Genius XL is in final beta testing. At the recent online hamfest a video was launched:

Per FCC rule FlexRadio cannot take orders prior to FCC approval but they are collecting a list of interested parties.

To quote the FRS community:  Mack (W4AX) did an excellent job explaining the certification and shipment issues on his latest post on the Flex Forum:

Here’s the official word.

The TGXL’s have shipped.

I am running a very small Beta test to make sure they are rock solid.

I expect that to take three weeks. By then we will have the full FCC and CE certifications.

The first shipments will go to people who purchased a PGXL during the promotional period that included a free tuner.

We expect to clear that backlog not later than the end of June.

At that point shipments will begin to people who are on the wait list.

Firm orders will be taken as soon as we have the FCC and CE certifications.

TGXLs are being manufactured as quickly as possible.

There is a huge demand.

Mack W4AX
Program Manager

Nothing heard in years on the Alpha 4040 or the Kessler autotuners. I’m hoping to seem my PGXLs by summertime.



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FlexRadio/4o3a TunerGenius XL – SO2R or 3-port version?

Last weekend Mike WB6DJI posted a very good question about the FlexRadio/4o3a TGXL TunerGenius and choosing between the two initial versions:

SO2R versus 1inx3out TGXL version debate

Placed my preference back in Sept 2020 for the1inx3out TGXL version with FRS

Never operated SO2R but have a 6600M and PGXL ( acquired over 3 years ago )

My Bands are 40 meter dipole with a 20meter thru 6meters using a HexBeam
Use my radio remote with a Palstar HF Auto for now

Thought 3 Bands Remotely would be good if I want to use 3 different antennas like with I do with the Palstar HF Auto

Been on the fence in trying to decide if SO2R is

Do not use 2 Bands at same time with My HF

I chase some DX but not in 24hr DX contests

What are your thoughts Steve



Mike WB6DJI followed this up with an email, as he too like myself is trying to figure out which version would work best for our particular station setup.

So everyone is on the same page the SO2R version (Single Operator 2 Radios) is optimized to rapidly alternate between essentially two parallel RF paths. The paths are distinct and cannot cross. I’ve read a 20ms path-flip number, once each path is stored in memory.  When the radio is a multi-SCU (Spectral Capture Unit) FlexRadio (6700/6600) the single physical radio is well suited to take the place of both radios in the SO2R equation.

The 3-port version is optimized for a single RF path and basically has a 3-port antenna switch integrated into the tuner.  There needs to be a separate feed line from the three possible antennas, one to each designated port.  I’ve not picked out a specific switch time, but the same 5ms for solutions stored in memory would seem likely.

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More on the FlexRadio/4o3a Tuner Genius XL

Recently 4o3a SkySat released a series of photographs of initial production Tuner Genius XL units by social media.

In their comments first production was reserved for Hams on “the list,” which likely reflects those who bought a PowerGenius XL/Tuner Genius XL combo.

I’ve not figured out if the photographed version is the SO2R model or the conventional tuner version.

Early production TGXL units

Cover off

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FlexRadio 4o3a Tuner Genius XL is headed to production

FlexRadio Systems sent out an update on the Flex-TGXL (Tuner Genius XL) which initially will launch in two forms – a 1×3 matrix (one input and three antenna outputs) and very interestingly an unique SO2R version (two separate radio inputs, each matched to a specific single output).

Preliminary View of the Flex-PGXL Tuner

Those of us with Flex-TGXL pre-purchased as part of being an early adopter of the Flex-PGXL Amp, received a survey where we were asked which version we wanted, or if we would rather have an Antenna Genius switch. I’ve elected the SO2R version for my selections.

Some interesting preliminary information:

Range – 160 to 6 meters (continuous)
Interfaces – FlexRadio LAN, RS-232, CI-V, BCD, PTB (Pin-to-Band), or built-in Frequency Counter.
Matching Range – up to 10:1 SWR
Tuning Time – New Solution 2-12 seconds, Stored Memory Solution 20ms (!!)
Power Rating – 2000 watts at 100% ICAS Duty Cycle
Display – 7 inch touch screen
Power Requirements – 15-26 VDC @ 2 Amp, power supply included
Min/Max Tuning Power – 10 watt min, 200 watt max
Operation – Fully Automatic or Manually Tuned
Rough Dimensions – 12″ wide x 6″ high x 14″ deep (to be confirmed as the spec sheet is a bit confusing)
Weight – 15-1/2 Lbs
Connectivity – Requires a CAT5 cable to connect to your LAN for FlexRadio integration

Preliminary View of Flex-PGXL Tuner

Pricing has not been announced. Everything is a preliminary information release.

This Flex-TGXL is a 4o3a/FRS project and most likely will be built in Montenegro at 4o3a’s facilities.

I’m excited!