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New K9ZW Custom QSL Cards by Jeff K1NSS

Just finished today is the design phase of a trio of new QSL card designs commissioned from Jeff K1NSS.

I’ve segmented my operating QSOs recently into those where I’ve been on my new Flex-6700, those where I’ve been using vintage gear, and those made from my frequent visits on Washington Island.

Jeff K1NSS Eyeball QSO Card Designs for K9ZW

Jeff K1NSS Eyeball QSO Card Designs for K9ZW

Jeff K1NSS was brought to my attention as an illustrator and featured name in the K9YA Club Newsletter and by word of mouth.

We exchanged a few emails working out a strategy to a portfolio of designs, each with print and web versions, plus a coordinated Eyeball QSO Card.

Jeff has great talents suggesting viable themes and asking great questions to draw out what I was hoping for.

The Flex-6700 feature reflects the “magic decoder ring” that this piece of SDR equipment has brought to my operations. If you receive the full actual card there are “Easter Eggs” hidden in the design.

A “Voice of Steve” card seemed a natural to give a feel for the reverence of operating with vintage gear. I’ve gear spanning the WWII period onwards which I put to use when I can.

The third segmentation are those QSOs I make as a guest at the George Ulm W9EVT mega-shack at Greengate Farm on Washington Island, Wisconsin. The card gives tribute to this significant radio operation and also a way to highlight any other Washington Island QSO I make.

The reduced designs are the Eyeball QSO Cards illustrated. Eyeball QSO Cards is an Amateur’s way to say “calling card” and have taken the full card themes in a form adjusted for the purpose.

A highly rewarding experience, the process was a lot of fun! I spent more with Jeff than many of his projects, as I asked him to do not only the three designs, but also a WI9DX Washington Island DX Club version and a club member version of that card as well.

Oh and I asked him to do custom reverse sides to blend with the cards designs.

I’ll trickle some examples on the blog over the next few weeks.

Hope you like them as much as I do!



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Thank you to our Incoming QSL Bureau Teams

I think we all often forget to say “Thank You!” to the excellent service the Incoming QSL Bureaus provide.

In my case I use the Ninth District QSL Bureau run by the Northern Illinois DX Association (link: http://qsl.nidxa.org/ ) and they are an excellent group. Thank you!!

Here is a few out of the latest batch received:

DX Cards Just Received 29Nov12

A few of yesterday’s inbound DX QSL Cards

Countries in this mini-batch were:

  • Bulgaria
  • Poland
  • Japan
  • Russia – Asian
  • Russia – European
  • Moldova
  • Chile
  • Namibia (V5) – New QSL Country Confirmation for me
  • Mexico
  • Finland
  • Slovenia

NIDXA has all the information on how things work, what they cost, and “Do & Don’t Do Items.”

BTW your bureau is based on your call sign number.  There are also various interest groups that have their own bureaus for their members’ use (OMISS and 3905cc come to mind).

Again a thank you to the volunteers!



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Doing a QSL Seminar for Mancorad W9DK

For the upcoming Saturday January 21st I’ve been drafted to do a presentation and lead a discussion on QSLs for our local radio club – Mancorad W9DK

My outline points for the presentation on QSLing are:

•When should you QSL?
•What should be on your QSL card?
•What to do when cards you receive have problems?
•How to ask for aQSL Card?
•How to actually GET that Card?
•Ways to send your QSL cards out.
•The Electronic QSL – eQSL & LoTW options.
•The Famous “Plum Method” of Foreign Stamped SASEs.
•Bureau services like GlobalQSL.
•What are those SWL Cards and do you answer them?
•The use of “Green Stamps,” IRC (International Reply Coupons) and Donations.
•Special Twists, Like the Special Currency System.
•QSLing with DXpeditions.
•What is a Bureau and how do I use them?
•What does all this Cost?
•When to trade Money for Time, or Time for Money, in QSLing?
•Resources for the QSLing Radio Amateur.

I’ll be leading the presentation and discussion, hopefully with one or more of the guests I’ve invited.

Should be fun and if the handouts are well received I’ll see about getting them put up on the club blog and perhaps here.



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Getting my QSLing Up to Date!

Making an effort here to get my QSLing up to date.  Unsing Global QSL http://www.globalqsl.com/ the vast majority of my DX QSLs should be caught up.  From the No Manager/No GlobalQSL/No Bureau courtesy information from GlobalQSL of the last roughly 1100 cards about 7 or 8 will have to be done here manually as directs.

While this takes care of my DX catch up, I am at least 400 cards behind on domestic QSLs.  I had been pretty good until until I bluntly just got a bit bored with the paperwork side of QSLing and let that side slip.

I do eQSLs as well http://www.eqsl.cc/ automatically as as much of a back-up log as anything, and about once every couple years I put up with the silly technical hurdles of LoTW and upload my logs there.

I’ll have to see about setting up a label printer and doing the domestic QSLs in arrears, so I can get back to even up.

BTW here are my current GlobalQSL card front faces.

K9ZW Home QTH QSL Frontside Image

K9ZW Home QTH QSL Frontside Image


K9ZW Washington Island WI001L QSL Frontside Image

K9ZW Washington Island WI001L QSL Frontside Image

My domestic cards are not all similar, as I often use a Lake Michigan Theme card I had printed up.



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Recent QSL Cards Received by K9ZW

QSLs on Table

QSLs on Table

Here is a quick list of some of the recent QSL Cards I have received:

IR0IPY – Italy (International Polar Year Station)
OF8X – Radio Arcala Team
FJ/OH2AM – First St Barthelemy Island Operation
4A3IH – IOTA NA-183 Ixtapa Island
IW9HII – IOTA EU-025 Sicily Island
VP9/K1XM – IOTA NA-005 Bermuda
ER4DX – Moldova
CU2/DK5SAL – IOTA EU-003 Sao Miguel, Azores
FM/DK5AL – IOTA NA-107 Martinique
JQ1BVI – Japan
CO7PH – Cuba (Direct Card!)
RA3AJ – Russia
SV6CVY – IOTA EU-015 Crete
EG5S – Spain
IM0/IK0FMB – IOTA EU-024 Sardinia
EA8/DL3KVR – IOTA AF-004 Tenerife
DL5MEV – Germany
JE1LET – Japan
9A5D – Croatia
9A4W – IOTA EU-016 Brac Island
9A5AN/P – IOTA EU-170 Balabra Island
U1NZ – Karelia (Russia)
HL0O – South Korea
DD3CF – Germany
P49Y – IOTA SA-036 Aruba
TI2JCY – Costa Rica
VE1JF – Nova Scotia
AH6NF – IOTA OC-019 Hawaii
SM7EHU – Sweden
OX3MC – IOTA NA-018 Greenland
C6DX – IOTA NA-001 Bahamas
HI/AA2AP – Dominican Republic
H44MS – IOTA OC-047 Honiara Guadalcanal Island (Solomon Islands)
MD0LON – IOTA EU-116 Isle of Man
OK1VRV – Czech Republic
JW/IN3SAU – IOTA EU-026 Svalbard Island
JH1OBS – Japan
II1W – Italy
OA4AWW – Peru
PY5JO – Brazil
6H1L – Mexico
RV6FT – Russia
RX0QA – Asiatic Russia
OR6N – Belgium
TO5FJ – St Barthelemy Island
LA6YEA – Norway
5W0AA – IOTA OC-097 Samoa
4N4BB – Serbia
XR3P – Chile
4Z4DX – Israel
CQ9T – IOTA AF-014 Madeira Island
CT1IZU – Portugal
EK0W/P – Armenia
EN62EN – Ukraine
HF0POL – IOTA AN-010 – King George Island, South Shetlands
HH4/K4QD – Haiti
LX1EA – Luxembourg
LZ1JZ – Bulgaria
OZ0KP – Denmark
PA0GMW – Holland
T93J – Bosnia and Herzegovina
TM5EL – IOTA EU-048 Belle Ile en Mer
UA4PK – Tatarstan (Russia)
VO1HE – Newfoundland
VY1CQ – Yukon Territory
VC2W – IOTA NA-038 The Magdalen Islands
VE2XPO – Quebec
VE4GOM – Manitoba
VE6KD – Alberta
VP2VW – Tortolla, British Virgin Islands
Z35T – Macedonia
ZL3KR – New Zealand

Plus a couple hundred more European, North American and South American Cards.

Lots of domestic cards, including some very nice 160m SSB contacts I am very pleased to have confirmed.

Not the worst for low propagation.



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K9ZW Winter QSL Effort

K9ZW Summer QSL Card

Seems I have really never tamed the QSL Card Monster. I have responded to all direct QSL card requests, but certainly have fallen way behind on doing my domestic QSL send-outs, logging QSLs and physically settling on a QSL storage system.

I also have a large number of DX QSLs to upload to GlobalQSL for Printing and Distributing.

K9ZW Four Picture QSL Card

As for eQSL, that is largely up to date, as I tend to use eQSL as my offsite log backup.

I’ll have to decide if futzing with LoTW (Logbook of the World) is going to happen, as I personally find the process annoying and unrewarding.

K9ZW Winter QSL Card

The QSL Card fronts in this post are few of the designs I use. I have another paper design, a couple GlobalQSL designs which are printed by GlobalQSL, and several eQSL designs depending on the QTH & Date of operations.

Guess it is time to knuckle down and get these QSL cards done!



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