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Dipping one’s toes in the SDR world – Clever Hack of a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ in the SDR sort of way

I’ve spotted this clever re-purposing of a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a sort of SDR which might be a way to get a bit of a taste as to what makes up an SDR:

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ As An SDR – Without The SDR!

The project is on my winter time list.



What is an SDR?

SDR – Software Defined Radio

What really is it?

Would seem that a generalized radio platform that is “made into” a radio by software is kind of the limit of the dictionary SDR concept.

As amateur radio operators we have added to that definition with concepts about software updates, sampling methods, and a whole raft of features that perhaps are neither specific to an SDR nor a requirement to meet the basic SDR definition.

Some things market expectations have added to the SDR concept is:

  • Ability to be updated by the end user, by download
  • Direct Sampling
  • Feature growth and bug correction by software updates
  • Tight integration with a computer
  • Panadaptors
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Touch Screens
  • Remote Capabilities
  • IOT (Internet of Things) Capabilities
  • Station Integration with other station components

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End of an Era – Former Main K9ZW Station Decommissioning

The K9ZW station options is down a station as the Manitowoc, WI QTH radios have been silenced & moved.

Cables were pulled a bit ahead of schedule by the electricians. That caught me a bit off guard as I had the rest of the station running & considered it viable when the feed lines and rotor lines were removed a week earlier than scheduled!

The antennas and tower are scheduled to come down next week, and basically everything being removed will be gone by Labor Day.

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Building on a Good Foundation – Skyneedle Base

Radio towers need a good base to survive.

This is particularly important with a free-standing tower.

I tend to over-specify the tower bases put in for my towers, and the TM-370HD base follows form.

Skyneedle base – The chain is a positioning chain that will come off after a few rains. The team has it spot on level and worried about upsetting that level if it rained before everything was cured.

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Marginal Hardware, Intermittent Problems and Best Practices

Earlier this spring I replaced what seemed to be a perfectly good desktop PC with a new PC to overcome my remote session SmartSDR programs from grinding to a halt after a couple hours running.

The old PC really didn’t meet recommendations anymore as the available resources increasingly were first tasked by progressive Windows updates, next by updates/bloat from productivity software I needed to run, and last the more modest increases in resource needs by SmartSDR with its supporting packages.

Pretty obvious that with SmartSDR the major feature increases for v3 come with some overhead needs. At the time I wasn’t able to discuss the needs in the FRS Community Forum as I was experiencing them as part of the Alpha Test team trying out MultiFlex in the test environment before it was released publicly.

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The Skyneedle and Flagpole Pours

Dropping Concrete

Foundations are poured. Actually happened a few days ago.

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