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Getting my QSLing Up to Date!

Making an effort here to get my QSLing up to date.  Unsing Global QSL http://www.globalqsl.com/ the vast majority of my DX QSLs should be caught up.  From the No Manager/No GlobalQSL/No Bureau courtesy information from GlobalQSL of the last roughly 1100 cards about 7 or 8 will have to be done here manually as directs.

While this takes care of my DX catch up, I am at least 400 cards behind on domestic QSLs.  I had been pretty good until until I bluntly just got a bit bored with the paperwork side of QSLing and let that side slip.

I do eQSLs as well http://www.eqsl.cc/ automatically as as much of a back-up log as anything, and about once every couple years I put up with the silly technical hurdles of LoTW and upload my logs there.

I’ll have to see about setting up a label printer and doing the domestic QSLs in arrears, so I can get back to even up.

BTW here are my current GlobalQSL card front faces.

K9ZW Home QTH QSL Frontside Image

K9ZW Home QTH QSL Frontside Image


K9ZW Washington Island WI001L QSL Frontside Image

K9ZW Washington Island WI001L QSL Frontside Image

My domestic cards are not all similar, as I often use a Lake Michigan Theme card I had printed up.



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K9ZW Winter QSL Effort

K9ZW Summer QSL Card

Seems I have really never tamed the QSL Card Monster. I have responded to all direct QSL card requests, but certainly have fallen way behind on doing my domestic QSL send-outs, logging QSLs and physically settling on a QSL storage system.

I also have a large number of DX QSLs to upload to GlobalQSL for Printing and Distributing.

K9ZW Four Picture QSL Card

As for eQSL, that is largely up to date, as I tend to use eQSL as my offsite log backup.

I’ll have to decide if futzing with LoTW (Logbook of the World) is going to happen, as I personally find the process annoying and unrewarding.

K9ZW Winter QSL Card

The QSL Card fronts in this post are few of the designs I use. I have another paper design, a couple GlobalQSL designs which are printed by GlobalQSL, and several eQSL designs depending on the QTH & Date of operations.

Guess it is time to knuckle down and get these QSL cards done!



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GlobalQSL – US to US QSL Options & Solutions

Received a clarification from GlobalQSL on how they will be handling US Station to US Station QSLs:



You now have a choice for how you send and receive your QSLs with other Stateside hams!

We at GlobalQSL are happy to announce a brand new, cost-effective and time-saving way to send and receive QSL cards including cards from U.S. stations to U.S. stations.
These are the same high-quality printed cards from GlobalQSL that includes your QSO information printed directly onto the card.

Terms and conditions of this program:

All of our American customers will receive their incoming QSLs from other GlobalQSL subscribers.
These will be mailed to their designated postal mailing address in bundles of 99 cards shipped via surface mail at a cost of only $4 per shipment.
This payment will be deducted from your account with 50 qsls that equals $4.
But, for the next 6 months, as a way of introducing this incredible service, GlobalQSL will mail your cards at no charge,That’s right- FREE!

If you cannot wait for the 99 cards to accumulate we will send you any partial quantity via air mail at your request.Simply view “My incoming QSL” section at your account on the GlobalQSL website, click the POD (Print On Demand) icon, and we will print the amount of pending cards you have on file and send them to you via air mail.
The cost of this service is $6 per shipment.
This payment will be deducted from your account with 75 qsls that equals $6.
You must have the minimum credit for 100 cards in your account for this action.
How does this program work?

A. If the recipient station is a GlobalQSL customer; he will be notified at the “Incoming QSL” section in his account viewable on the GlobalQSL website.
B. If the recipient station is not a GlobalQSL customer, we will send him his first 9 cards by mail to his private address listed on QRZ.com.
Afterward, we will send him his cards in batches of 99 cards.
When he becomes a GlobalQSL subscriber, we will ship his cards according to his instructions.
OK, so what do you need to do? Action MUST be taken NOW!
1. Please go to your account and verify that your postal mailing address is O.K.
2. Zip code must contain 5 digits.
3. Navigate to “My Account” after that to “My call signs” and mark them “Direct to my address.”
4. Forward this mail to any American ham you know if you think they too would be interested in exchanging high-quality printed QSL cards a cheaper and faster way.


GlobalQsl team

Hope this helps clarify the problem & solution,



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Domestic QSL Hick-Up – GlobalQSLs are not DX QSLs per ARRL

GlobalQSL logo

GlobalQSL has addressed a problem with USA Amateurs using GlobalQSL to send QSL cards to other USA Amateurs via the ARRL Bureaus.

For the most part this is a no-go situation.

Correspondence from Bureau Managers confirmed that GlobalQSL has been working with them to find a solution, and a GloablQSL announcement is promised in the next few weeks.

As one Bureau manager explained that even if the GlobalQSL cards would be acceptable for QSL confirmation between USA Amateurs, that only USA Amateurs interested in DXing tend to keep SASEs or Credits with their Bureau. So the majority of USA to USA QSLs sent into the ARRL Incoming Bureaus would end up in “unclaimed” files and never distributed.

Of course this does not affect USA Amateur to DX Amateur, or DX Amateur to USA Amateur QSL cards exchanges using the GlobalQSL printing service. Their may be similar situations for a DX Station wanting to QSL another station that is not DX to them, as their home country’s Bureau system would have to be checked. Basically if they can send another amateur in their own country a QSL via their country’s bureau system, then they should be OK.

I’ve written to each of the Ten ARRL main Bureau Managers and some of the various geographically special ARRL Bureau’s Managers to ask them to send on to me any GlobalQSLs put into the system before the problem was realized and have told them I would cover their postage.

ARRL Bureau Letter on GlobalQSL Domestic Card Problem by K9ZW

The time savings to me to have these QSLs already filled in is still a huge savings in QSL Card processing time, but obviously the focus for a USA Amateur is to use GlobalQSL for DX contacts.

I’ll have a posting when GlobalQSL makes their official announcement of the system update, but I can tell you that the system they have discussed with me is going to be good!

—- As I was preparing this for posting one of the Bureau Managers corrected me, that it is acceptable to send GlobalQSLs to the various geographically special ARRL Bureaus (like Alaska, Hawaii and the islands that each have a ARRL USA Bureau) if you are a lower-48 based Amateur. I stand corrected!



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GlobalQSL presentation to NEWDXA Club

Last Saturday I was asked to speak to NEWDXA the North-East Wisconsin DX Association on using the GlobalQSL system as a QSL option for DX Operations.


GlobalQSL’s service is an upload-to-print QSL card printing & routing service.

GlobalQSL logo

I’ve written about this system several times, starting with Let the Machine do the Work – GlobalQSL QSL Printing Service.

The presentation went very well.  As I needed to be ready to do the presentation on short order I went with a combination of a printout of the articles on GlobalQSL from this blog, show-and-tell example GlobalQSL printed cards to pass around, and a verbal presentation.

The bureau cards I have received that GlobalQSL has printed are simply stunning! 

As a reminder the cards GlobalQSL puts into the bureau system on your behalf can only be delivered to Radio Amateurs who are active with their bureaus.  For domestic QSLing this may be a hindrance if you need a particular QSO confirmed and the other party doesn’t do bureau. 



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Getting Out From Behind the Eight-Ball – Cards Uploaded to GlobalQSL

When a person is in the difficuly position, they are said to be “Behind the Eight Ball.”

In respect to getting out QSL cards, I am, or should I now say “I was”, seriously “Behind the Eight Ball.”

My choices were to continue piling up further QSOs (Contacts) knowing that the QSO confirming QSL cards were a long ways from betting researched, filled in & sent.

Or the other option was I could cut back or even stop operating for a week or so, to use my operating (and blogging) time to get my QSLs caught up.

Even though I have QSL cards, supplies and a decent system to manually do cards, I’ve decided to work with GlobalQSL to try their system to do my QSL cards.

Azar 4X6MI at GlobalQSL has been extremely helpful, working with me to plan how to organize K9ZW Home QTH, K9ZW WI-001L operations from the WI9DX Club QTH, and the upcoming four new Island activations expected QSO’s.

The GlobalQSL’s service looks to be solid and a winner.

GlobalQSL logo

I’ve uploaded as adif log-files the most recent arrears from my logs.

The totals I was actually behind were a bit higher than I expected.

GlobalQSL will be printing 944 QSL cards for me, which will be covering 1087 QSOs.

I have about 70 additional cards that either can’t be done via GlobalQSL because of lack of routing information or QSL managers, one that I found I had recorded with a typo in the call, or QSL cards I wanted to do manually.

I’m looking forward towards the feedback from the other stations how my QSL cards confirming our QSOs come out and work for them.

In the few weeks or so I’ll start looking into uploading the KB9GPN QSO’s that were never confirmed by QSL cards and the remaining K9ZW backlog.

Most importantly, if this works out well using GlobalQSL will freed me from 14-15 hours or more of manually doing QSL cards. That now becomes time I can spend operating on the air! Yeah!!

I can see doing the majority of my cards through GlobalQSL based on how much time their service will save me alone!



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