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Dayton 2013 – Friday Report

Been an interesting Hamvention so far.

There are some new products – the IC-7100 successor to the IC-7000 and the TS-990 was being shown.

Interestingly the Kenwood was somehow locked up and the floor team didn’t have a way to reboot it.

My first focus was a visit with Julius at W2IHY where I was having a very serious look at the new line of switch gear.  I’ve always admired the quality of his gear and this new range of products doesn’t disappoint.  http://w2ihy.com will fill you in on the new gear.  I already have a lot of his audio gear and will be adding some of the new line.

A visit at Hilberling found that they fully up and running for the USA market.  Never intended to be “everyman’s transceiver” they have delivered over $1million of these new “uber-radios” so far.

Long chat at FlexRadio Systems and one has to admire their willingness to trickle out radios even while the eagerness and requests to ship are so huge.  It was hard to get up close with the crowd, but i did get some time on their Flex-6700 simulators.  Tim W4TME was kind enough to give me a guided tour of the inside of the visual Flex-6700 – and I obliged by pretending I knew what all that stuff was (actually it is pretty neat and straight forward.)  FlexRadio Systems has put the Flex-5000A on end-of-life status with a when stock is sold, they are all sold noted on their website.  Flex-5000A critical components have become unavailable and it was fairly easy to see their was a product line overlap (a fully loaded Flex-5000A was within five hundred dollars of the new Flex-6500).

Very nicely the FlexRadio Systems team explained to me that when my radio is ready to ship, it will be ready.  Tomorrow is the FlexRadio Systems Dayton Hamvention Dinner where I hope to hear much more.

Over at Alpha the long awaited Alpha-4040 Tuner was being shown in working form.  The tuner looks well worth the wait.  The touchscreen display is awesome!

I was really taken with the dual port VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) at Array Solutions.  This “black box” connects to your PC to create a full test lab doing much more than I can recollect.  Jay (Array Solution’s owner) showed me how to do a TDR (Time Division Reflectometry) examination of a feedline and antenna system (including the VNA even measuring a human hand touching an antenna element), how to do a full in depth coil measurement, and a bunch of stuff I am going to have to brush up on.  This look like my next test gear addition.

The Japanese LUSO tower people took the time to explain their very cool crank-up towers.  Really amazingly serious amateur radio gear.

I was surprised at a couple vendors living the past.  Some of the big name rotor/rotor-controller folk have amazing new technology (Green Heron Engineering is a personal favorite, and they sold me one of their new station control modules) and other are promising to catch up to market norms by adding computer control to their rotor-controllers in perhaps a year….

TenTec was showing off their latest and a new Model 506 “Rebel” QRP transceiver I hadn’t seen before.  Apparently this new radio has the guts of an Arduino running the show – very cool!

More tomorrow!



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Hilberling PT-8000 USA Model – Trying to Catch One on the Air

Have been trying since the Dayton Hamvention 2012 to catch a Hilberling PT-8000 user on the air for a QSO. Would love to hear what the radio sounds like.

The announcement that the radio would be available in the USA had appeal to me, but I was surprised that another large price jump was included and the timing was bad if you owed taxes. Caught me with my “radio sock” nowhere near full enough for a PT-8000, and what I had saved for hobby already committed for another radio.

Rumble was that there was at more than one of the three or four available PT-8000s at Dayton sold – heard that Ted W1HFD acquired the first.

Haven’t heard from WV4Y since the few emails when he learned he would have radios to sell, so hoping he found a home for each of the ones he had.

Maybe in a year or so when I get all our family’s young hams through University I can put a PT-8000 in my shack.



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Dayton Hamvention 2012 Run Up

Just a few days to Dayton 2012, and some rather interesting pre-announcements and events. A few that I have noticed are:

  • Kenwood to have a new TS-990S Transceiver with widely circulating pictures out of a very button heavy machine.
  • Flex-Radio teasing the market about a “Game Changer” that makes the complex simple. So something new in SDR.
  • Hilberling PT-8000 should be available to Dayton attendees with the first USA versions of this $20K radio.
  • Alpha should have their new Alpha 4040 Tuner available.
  • Ten-Tec is said to have their new amplifier ready.

I am sure there will be more!

This year planning to take in the DX Banquet and the Flex-Radio Banquet.



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Hilberling PT-8000 News – Its Official the USA Model is Launching at Dayton 2012

Hilberling PT-8000 News

Simply “See you at Dayton 2012!”

The PT-8000 Brouchure (as a pdf): PT-8000 Prospect.pdf

The Announcement (as a pdf): PhotoLetterHilberling.pdf

Marcus WV4Y of Hilberling USA will have USA Models at Dayton 2012. He expects to have a number of units there, unless they are sold upfront before Dayton. Price is just shy of the $20K point, with the Euro-Dollar exchange rate playing an unfavorable role in pushing the price into the professional communications gear area.

Makes sense given what the PT-8000 represents – top notch professional communications technology brought to the Amateur Radio world.

Unlikely I will personally buy one this season, as my warchest for new radio things needs to grow a decimal place to higher side. Now if I could figure a way to make a PT-8000 a tax deduction…..

Certainly could see one down the road, perhaps as part of moving my operating desk into the main part of of our house, rather than tucked away at one end of the intended wine cellar.

Marcus WV4Y’s email is: HillberlingUSA@Gmail.com



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USA gets the Hilberling PT-8000 Transceiver

Great news on the Hilberling PT-8000, from an email received today:

Hello Steve,

The transceiver has F.C.C. approval and is in production. I’ll be getting the first production unit next week and will get on the air as soon as I get back from my trip out west.
I will have a booth again at Dayton 2012. Attached is the newest PT-8000 brochure.

Marcus (WV4Y)
Hilberling USA

I’ll get the brochure up this week. No word on details or costs.



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Hilberling PT-8000 at FCC Compliance Testing?

Have heard that the long awaited Hilberling Transceiver in its revised/updated version at a USA based lab undergoing FCC compliance testing.

With the radio in production, perhaps late this year or early in 2012 we’ll see the first ones in ham shacks this side of the pond.



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