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Radio making a trip to Austin – used Flex-6700 bench-check and display

A used Flex-6700 I bought a while back is headed back to the mother ship for a good checkout and because the OLED stopped working.

A little different process in the midst of this Virus, as FRS meters-out RMAs to first allow inbound a bit of precautionary quarantine time when it arrives to them.

As the repair is not critical and the bench-check precautionary, I’ve just kept using the radio. As 95% of the time I am physically either LAN-remote or WAN-remote, I never see the display most of the time.

And the bench-check often is something I would have done when I purchased a used radio, but I was busy and never arranged for a trip to FRS at purchase.

Of my Flex-6000 radios this is the first one to go in for something wrong with it. Others have gone in, but that has been for factory installed upgrades on the first 6700 I purchased (serial #11, unboxed June 21st, 2013).

I’ve had a lot more troubles with the PC end of the equation than the radios.



Flex-6600M vs Flex-6700 – some thoughts

In the FlexRadio community someone asked what a person would pick if their choices were a Flex-6600M vs Flex-6700?

I replied:

“Presently owning 6700s and a 6600M I am very biased to the 6700 platform. My 6600 is nice but the 6700s are appealing robust!

I unboxed my oldest 6700 June 21st 2013 (serial #11) and quickly as software rolled out it retired my 5000A.

If I had to shed radios, my original 6700 would be the last SDR I’d let go.

While I seldom run up all the slices in earnest it is pretty neat to fill your screens with the panafalls!”

On more reflection if I needed something that was grab-and-go, all-in-one the 6600M wins.

If I am operating remote the choice changes to the 6700 hands down.

“Horses for Courses” as they say.  And not a bad pick in the bunch either!



Flex-6000 SD Card Protection Improvement – Time to Update is Now

All patched up with v3.1.12 and v2.6.2

Update ALL your FlexRadio Systems radios/Maestros to 3.1.12 (or 2.6.2 if you are a version 2 user) or higher when future versions are released.

Big SD-card protection against possible corruption improvement with these releases.

Quick background – earlier versions had a code issue where they hammered too hard on specific locations (I guess called “cells” in FlexRadio SD card parlance, which I think is “bad sectors”) eventually leading to electro-mechanical SD card corruption.

General release 3.1.12 and 2.6.2 fix the code.
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REPOST: Background FT8 Remote via SmartLink and SmartSDR for Windows (June 6th, 2019)

REPOST of a June 6th 2019 Post. EDITS in BOLD with Brackets []

Background FT8 Remote via SmartLink and SmartSDR for Windows

If you spend long hours desk-bound like I do, your thoughts may also wander to the question “Could I make some QSOs during work? [EDIT With the immense amount of screen time working (we’re considered an essential business at work) while in isolation making any QSO is a treat.]

Back in SmartSDR v1 days I started with a Raspberry Pi VPN using a Maestro during lunch hours. Those phone (SSB) QSOs were pretty few.  Fist I had limited time and then if staff knew I was in the building they had things to bring to my attention, which is hard to manage when you are also in QSO!

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First 2020 QSOs – SmartSDR for iOS and Flex-6600M

While a tame night out my family insisted in seeing the New Year in by staying up past midnight. All things led to rising late.

I wanted to catch the first QSOs of 2020 as I ate breakfast, and I used the iPad with SmartSDR for iOS to catch some FT8 traffic.

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Upcoming Product – DEM V/U XVERTER -VHF/UHF Multiband Transverter

Down East Microwave has announced a 5 band transverter which appears to be idea for use with a Flex-6700/6600 transceiver.

Description given is:

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