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REPOST: Background FT8 Remote via SmartLink and SmartSDR for Windows (June 6th, 2019)

REPOST of a June 6th 2019 Post. EDITS in BOLD with Brackets []

Background FT8 Remote via SmartLink and SmartSDR for Windows

If you spend long hours desk-bound like I do, your thoughts may also wander to the question “Could I make some QSOs during work? [EDIT With the immense amount of screen time working (we’re considered an essential business at work) while in isolation making any QSO is a treat.]

Back in SmartSDR v1 days I started with a Raspberry Pi VPN using a Maestro during lunch hours. Those phone (SSB) QSOs were pretty few.  Fist I had limited time and then if staff knew I was in the building they had things to bring to my attention, which is hard to manage when you are also in QSO!

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First 2020 QSOs – SmartSDR for iOS and Flex-6600M

While a tame night out my family insisted in seeing the New Year in by staying up past midnight. All things led to rising late.

I wanted to catch the first QSOs of 2020 as I ate breakfast, and I used the iPad with SmartSDR for iOS to catch some FT8 traffic.

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Upcoming Product – DEM V/U XVERTER -VHF/UHF Multiband Transverter

Down East Microwave has announced a 5 band transverter which appears to be idea for use with a Flex-6700/6600 transceiver.

Description given is:

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Transmitting on Property with a CrankIR

Put my CrankIR together as I wanted to replace some worn out clamps and play with my new Sark-110 analyzer. Also wanted to update the Flex-6300 spare radio.

See the top of the antenna?

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S-Meters – Comfortable Lies or Accuracy? – The Whisper of Sweet Nothings

In the FlexRadio Community a poster complained that his Flex-6700 reported S-2/3 noise most of the time.

He wanted his radio to “Whisper Sweet Nothings” report S-0 if disconnected from an antenna – basically setting aside the noise the sensitive Flex-6700 was actually hearing.

He never disclosed if his feedline and antenna switches were still in line, if they were grounded when antennas were deselected, or whatever other RF his radio was experiencing.

He also didn’t tell the community if he had his Flex-6700 narrowed down to a specific frequency, opened wide in a wide band receiver configuration, or how his radio was configured.

“He” is actually several posters who have some been part of this discussion before, some new to FlexRadio, and all who hadn’t looked for older threads on the issue.

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Fan Failure on my Flex-6300 and a Resolution

Unexpectedly one of my stations, the one running a Flex-6300 for the last weeks of operation before being dismantled, shut down.

Restarted it would at first run a few hours until shutting down again.

Going in person to the site I found it was noisy and would shut down within minutes when restarted.

The noise obviously was a bad fan bearing.

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