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The Skyneedle has landed – On site & getting ready for base installation

The second TM-370HD Skyneedle is now on the property.

Second TM-370HD as unloaded at the new house.

We will be giving everything about it a good going over.

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A different sort of QSB

While working this last weekend’s JS8Call QSOs I noticed some heavy QSB (fade) on signals on the waterfall.

Turns out they were XYL induced!

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A Bit of JS8Call

Wanted to give JS8Call, the more PSK31 variant of FT8, a whirl.

Loaded up quickly on my WI-001L Washington Island station computer and quickly got the hang of things.

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The things we do to get a tower in

At our new QTH we’ve been hard at work – actually a whole team has been hard at work – getting the site ready for the first tower.

First a tower site had to be selected.  Topography, trees, and access were special considerations.  Vern K9EME has been hard at work cutting down unneeded trees once the site was picked, and processing the felled trees into firewood.

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FT8 and QSL Cards

When a QSO is pretty impersonal, fleeting in time, and distilled down to the absolute basics to qualify as a QSO, what level of courtesy does that QSO deserve in memorializing the communication in a QSL Card?

Many operators log their FT8 QSOs using Log Book of the World, eQSL, QRZ Log, and others, but a few take the time to send out proper QSL cards.

Some operators request return QSL cards as well.

Does an FT8 QSO deserve a QSL card?

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Internet by Fiber Ethernet to the Radio Room

Thanks to an empty conduit put in several years ago when a directional boring machine was on site, 110m of fiber is serving as an Ethernet Backhaul to my radio room.

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