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Wisconsin Parks on the Air 2019 Event – Sept. 21st

From an ARRL section announcement in my inbox:

It’s coming soon!

2nd Annual Wisconsin Parks on the Air contest coming up on
Saturday, September 21, 2019. Hours: 11 am – 6 pm Central.
See the website:


A flyer and rules are available as pdf’s on the link above.

Would seem like a great excuse to get our and do some field work, or to make contacts with those who are out in the parks.



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First QSOs from the new K9ZW Radio Room

I should have grabbed some pictures, as last night (UTC was Monday September 9th but local date was still Sunday September 8th) I completed a handful of QSOs from the new radio room.

Despite several transceivers physically in the new Radio Room, actual transceiver used was a Flex-6600M located ten miles east at another of my operating sites.

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Going Uncoordinated in a Chaotic World – the 145.110 Repeater Coordination Saga

How relevant is Repeater Coordination when the coordinating entities fail to act in a timely manner?

As background:

A former local radio club had coordinated a 2m repeater here in Manitowoc, which had been located in their former club shack.  This 145.110 repeater had been coordinated through W.A.R. – the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters and had been running happily for some years.  Like 10 plus years.

When the City of Manitowoc made it known that the club shack building was being repurposed the was obvious the repeater was going to be on the move, so I amended our existing coordination to a new site located where I work.  The displacement is a few blocks, elevation the same, antenna and gear the same.  Basically the repeater moved 5 football fields north.

While the new site was built-out to accommodate the club’s repeater but during this period of time WAR canceled the coordination!

They claim it was canceled because of a “lack of response to an email requesting an update.”

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The Skyneedle has landed – On site & getting ready for base installation

The second TM-370HD Skyneedle is now on the property.

Second TM-370HD as unloaded at the new house.

We will be giving everything about it a good going over.

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A different sort of QSB

While working this last weekend’s JS8Call QSOs I noticed some heavy QSB (fade) on signals on the waterfall.

Turns out they were XYL induced!

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A Bit of JS8Call

Wanted to give JS8Call, the more PSK31 variant of FT8, a whirl.

Loaded up quickly on my WI-001L Washington Island station computer and quickly got the hang of things.

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