The Awesome QSL Drawings of Jeff K1NSS Heading to Print

K9ZW New QSL Card Proofs

Jeff K1NSS is a QSL card artist that you may enjoy checking out part of his portfolio at:

He had done designs for me back in 2015, most which never ended up being printed for a variety of reasons including moving and a need my end to be more focused on health.

I asked Jeff K1NSS to update the 2015 designs, and to create several new designs. All the updates are done and two of the three new designs are finished.

After reviewing several QSL printing services (I had previously had quotes from local printers) I’ve select QSL Concepts to print the first six cards. They are at:

QSL Concepts “Fab” VE7FBN got it right away that I had ready to print front/back artwork. While Canadian based QSL Concepts uses a USA based affiliate for cards being delivered stateside.

I was able to tag the cards into a pricing program focused on clubs, and anticipate the new cards arriving about ten business days down the road (might be sooner!).

This batch of card designs includes:

  • A retro boat-anchor voice card
  • Two new designs based on a concept I have to accommodate my FlexRadio operating conditions, one in B&W and one in color
  • A digital mode card
  • A Washington Island QTH card emphasizing my operations from George W9EVT’s monster-shack
  • A Washington Island card intended for guests at the W9EVT monster-shack which I will give to George W9EVT

Once the cards arrive the hard work starts!

I have a LOT of QSLs to catch up.  Lots!

For DX bureau QSLs my hope is to again use GlobalQSL’s services.

On the QSLs being answered with the new cards, any QSLs that arrived with SASEs will get done first.

Then I will work backwards responding to QSLs that arrived requesting my confirming QSL card and any contact that I would like to confirm & request confirmation for my own award purposes.

In general FT-8 and other “touch-and-go” minimalistic QSOs in similar modes will only get a card sent with an SASE or special request.  Having made about 9000 FT-8 QSOs last year alone the time needed to do that many QSL cards is huge.  If I could knock out 40 QSL cards per hour including  address look up, at 2 hours an evening it would be four months of lost free time.  Then the costs to send out so many cards (9k cards at say $65/k plus outgoing postage averaging $0.85/each plus a few bucks in supplies for an estimated $8300 just to do last year alone) seems a poor investment. Multiply the time and costs a couple times to cover my QSLing arrears and it quickly becomes ridiculous.

Glad a lot of folk are content with LoTW, eQSL and QSLing!

One thing I need some help on is suggestions for a QSL orientated logging process.  I’d like to drop my logs files into a program that would minimally help me track received/sent QSLs and ideally help me with the lookups and card preparation.  Suggestions?



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