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Antenna Elements Bugged – Insect Damages to Aluminum Tube

In the takedown of the former Main K9ZW station tower an element from my Tennadyne T-28 LPDA broke in handling!

The inside of the aluminum element was a power like sand, and the inner wall of the element had been reduced to powder.

Broken Aluminum Element

The break was crisp and was more a snap.

So what might have done this?

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Building on a Good Foundation – Skyneedle Base

Radio towers need a good base to survive.

This is particularly important with a free-standing tower.

I tend to over-specify the tower bases put in for my towers, and the TM-370HD base follows form.

Skyneedle base – The chain is a positioning chain that will come off after a few rains. The team has it spot on level and worried about upsetting that level if it rained before everything was cured.

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The Skyneedle and Flagpole Pours

Dropping Concrete

Foundations are poured. Actually happened a few days ago.

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Culverts don’t last forever – Tower Access Road Upgrades

In getting my site ready for the new tower many culverts were replaced.

They had been buried 20 to 30/35 years depending on location, and I am uncertain if all of them were actually new culverts when installed.

Most were pin-holed with rust, but several had started to collapse, and here is an shot of some of the old culverts stacked waiting to be transported to the recycling scrap yard:

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Remote Motorized Crank-Up Tower Controls – Well Made Homebrew with the Skyneedle

The second TM-370HD Sykneedle came with an interesting feature – a very professional looking homebrew remote for the crank-up motor system.

Tower Remote

Many motorized crank-up towers use limit switches controlling the motorized winch.

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Fan Failure on my Flex-6300 and a Resolution

Unexpectedly one of my stations, the one running a Flex-6300 for the last weeks of operation before being dismantled, shut down.

Restarted it would at first run a few hours until shutting down again.

Going in person to the site I found it was noisy and would shut down within minutes when restarted.

The noise obviously was a bad fan bearing.

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