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It’s a new world out there … | FlexRadio Systems Community

Recently posted on the FlexRadio Systems Community by Dan W7NGA about having a ham friend Steve see his Flex-6500 in operation:


… [it’s] ‘My new Flex 6500 displaying my favorite bands’.

I could see Steve wasn’t tuning in. ‘Oh .. I just don’t get it. That’s the CW portions of each band?’.

‘No .. that is the entire spectrum of 80-meters, 40-meters, 20-meters, and 15-meters. And later it will be chock-full of signals’.

‘Say what?’

‘The entire band spectrum .. and if you want another cup of coffee, we can bring out my Surface Pro 4 and tune the bands next to the wood stove!’

Steve: ‘Do they take VISA?’

Source: It’s a new world out there … | FlexRadio Systems Community

A new version of SmartSDR – v1.6 is due this coming week, and all I can say is “you haven’t seen anything yet!”