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Installing SlippNott Upgrades at K9ZW

The Tennadyne T-8 used two stainless u-bolts for attachment. In the highest of winds the large double booms of the Log Periodic antenna caught enough wind to slightly rotate on the mast.

To counteract this I decided to upgrade the T-8-to-Mast and Mast-to-Rotor connections with Tennadyne’s improved attachment method, the Tennadyne SlippNott.  (The much smaller T-28 Log Periodic doesn’t have enough surface area to need this upgrade.  U-bolts work perfectly fine for the smaller antenna.)

T-8 Original U-Bolt Clamp

T-8 Original U-Bolt Clamp

Another view of the original attachment. It had taken six years to pivot perhaps 10 degrees, though no matter how you look at it, it was moving even if very slowly.

T-8 Original U-Bolt Clamp

Original U-Bolt Clamp – Another View

The SlippNott retrofit upgrade uses two machined clamps with roughly one hundred time the surface contact area of the two u-bolts.

T-8 with SlippNott Retrofit

SlippNott Retrofit – another view

Another look at the retrofit in place.

T-8 with SlippNott Retrofit

T-8 with SlippNott Retrofit

I did the install from scaffold after lowering nd tipping over the whole tower.

Tower Access

Lower, Tilt and Scaffold

Also installed was a second SlippNott providing additional grip of the mast at the antenna rotator rotor unit.

SlippNott rotor installation

SlippNott rotor installation

This one was a fiddle to install given the restriction of the three nested tower sections.

Inside Nested Sections

Tight Quarters

Again it provides a huge increase in clamping action and limits the risk of the newly enhanced situation at the antenna twisting the whole mast in the rotor clamp.

Rotor SlippNott Installed

Rotor SlippNott Installed

A worthwhile project – wish the SlippNott was available when I put the tower and antennas up.

You can read more about them at the Tennadyne website –


Direct link to the SlippNott page is



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A Sandy Necessity – After the Prayers & Action, a Call to Prepare

The storm hasn’t finished, with large winds, snows, rains and storms still causing damage and taking lives over a wide part of the country.

Millions without power and mobility. Some without heat.

After the prayers we all have had for those affected, and the immediate action of aid that can be rendered, a person’s thoughts run to “what if it was here – what it is was us?”

These are the natural questions that lead to preparedness efforts.

Over the weekend I spoke with my eldest son Tom KC9JGD about what would he do if his University was hard hit? Does he have a 72-hour pack? Where would he go?

Not done with the intention of scaring the young man, but rather asking him “what is your Plan-B if your housing & dining were unavailable?” Simple common sense questions.

Was rather pleased he had some ideas and plans, and most importantly saw the immediate challenge of putting together what items and plans he doesn’t yet have.

Today my office was abuzz with questions like “do you have a generator at your house?” and “do you keep some spare water & storage food at home?” Great questions and one every head of household should have asked themselves and responded to!

What have you done to be ready for the unexpected?

If there is interest I will post links to some the resources I have found useful when I have looked into this question.



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Be a ham radio operator – the Courage Center Handiham System for Blind & Disabled

Included in my personal 2011 end of year giving – –

– – (you ARE putting “something back” in someway – whether Time, Talent or Treasure (money) for 2011??!! whew!  Glad to hear you are!! ) – –

– – is the excellent Amateur Radio charity & teaching/support machine “Handiham“:

Be a Ham Radio Operator!

Handiham Logo

Be part of an activity that includes astronauts, teachers, kings, actors, police officers, pilots, and people just like you! Call Courage Center’s Handiham System and learn ham radio operation today. It’s easier than you think! Morse code is not required for any level of ham radio license. Courage Center’s Handiham System will get you started with your ham radio studies, and you’ll be on the air before you know it. Having fun with electronics, talking to your friends on the radio, and helping your community with emergency communications are some of the new experiences you can look forward to with a ham radio license.

Cost: $10 annual membership

Golden Valley Contact: Nancy Meydell, 763.520.0512

(Outstate, toll-free, 1.866.426.3442)

Or email:

Office appointments are available Monday through Friday, 9 am-1:30 pm at Courage Center Golden Valley or by arrangement at Courage Center St. Croix in Stillwater.

Classes also are available at various locations. Week-long Radio Camp sessions each year are available at Courage North, in northern Minnesota’s beautiful lake country, if you want to study in a residential camp setting. The cost of camp is based on ability to pay. Self-study is possible anytime and anywhere with audio or print materials, or on with your computer.

Online courses are a self-paced member service, and are delivered as audio lectures each week:

Beginner course (Technician Class License) Intermediate course (General Class License) Highest level course (Extra Class License) Operating Skills course (For those with any level of license who want to learn to operate better.)

There is also a Handiham World newsletter. Find it online, delivered weekly in both text and audio, or as an audio podcast at, or call toll-free, 1.866.426.3442.

via Be a ham radio operator! | Courage Center Handiham System.

Their blog:

and main webpage:

I’m seldom in the position to do as much as I would like for them, though I do find a way to slide a hundred to them now & then, as Patrick Tice WA0TDA told me at Dayton that every little bit helps!

As you finish up your year, perhaps you can your join me in finding a few dollars to send their way?

THANK YOU in advance!



If you would be so kind as to let me know either in comment or by email (I am good at I would appreciate it!

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REPOST: Well Balanced Machinery – How some Machines just Work and Feel ‘Right’!

Back in 2007 when this Blog was rather new, I had posted:

Man designs and makes so many machines to be either the most extreme on some measure or another – the fastest, the biggest, the sleekest, the most luxury, the most horsepower, or some other extreme.

And then man occasionally designs and builds tools, cars or equipment that has something special – a balance that appeals.

In shooting I have found this to be the case in the Jeff Cooper Steyr Scout.

Jeff Cooper Steyr Scout 308 Rifle


Shotgunning, for me it is the Benelli Montefeltro.

Benelli Montefeltro Shotgun


For handguns I have found the Steyr GB 9mm to have the elusive balance sought.

Steyr GB 9mm Pistol


Of the planes I’ve flown and owned one stands out as balanced exceptionally well, the uncommon Twin-Navion.

Tempco-Reily D-16A Twin-Navion


In motoring I’ve found that my vintage Panhard PL-17 Sedan, the Citroen CX2400 Pallas C-matic Sedan and the Benelli 900 Sei motorcycle have that special “something.”

Panhard PL-17 Sedan Grand Routier


Citroen CX2400 Pallas C-Matic Sedan


Benelli 900 Sei Motorcycle


Later this week I will outline what Amateur Radio gear I’ve found has that special balance – and I would love to hear what you have found has that balance for you!



I’ve still been thinking about how certain designs just “have it” – some special quality that becomes something noticeably greater than the mere sum of its features would suggest.

The Flex-5000A SDR Radio seems to fall in this class.

As does a SML Baritone Saxophone I had rebuilt by Sarge at Worldwide Sax with his special updating for my personal use.

Or how about that Forester Coaxial Reloading Press that makes it seem so easy, by actually making it easy?

What great designs that have that special synergy have you found?



G0KYA’s Amateur Radio Blog: Stealth Antennas – now available in USA

From Steve G0KYA’s Blog:

LINK URL G0KYA’s Amateur Radio Blog: Stealth Antennas – now available in USA.

My copy of his book arrived while I am traveling and I’ve found it a great read, having already run through about half of the book in short order.

I bought mine through the ARRL.

Looks excellent – recommended!




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K1TTT Super-Station eBook, Gratis Courtesy of K1TTT

I have found several of the hints worth the paid-for cost I paid, on a gratis basis this is a must-do.



Begin forwarded message:

After Christmas discount a bit early!

I have just cut the prices on my 25th Anniversary edition of “Building a
Super Station”. The e-book download is now free, and the DVD and paper
copies are $5 cheaper than before… Hopefully none of the reflectors object
to this announcement since this removes any income I was getting from them,
just one less form to file with income taxes after this year.

Get them at:

Updated Link  also  (Updated July 22nd, 2012)

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