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Mancorad Club putting a New Repeater Board into the 145.110 Repeater

NHRC-10 Repeater Controller Mounted on Base Plate

Controller on Base Plate

Mancorad W9DK is putting a NHRC-10 Repeater Controller board, which allows about every feature known that a repeater could have to be done easily, into its 145.110 K9MTW repeater.

NHRC-10 Repeater Controller Mounted on Base Plate

Showing Connector Side

The Base Plate for mounting the NHRC-10 is made from 3003H14 Mill Finish Aluminum 0.063 inch sheet stock.

To allow better air circulation a set of standoffs – a Radio Stack commodity 20mm set – are used to hold the board clear of the base plate.

The mounting holes to the repeater have one hole slotted to adjust between the various possible mounting locations on the repeater.

Configuration was picked to keep it out of the way, allow plenty of cooling airflow, and have a good line-of-sight on the LED indicators.

NHRC-10 Repeater Controller Mounted in the Repeater Cabinet

In the Cabinet

Making the needed Cables come next, and then the server Mancorad Vice-President Scott W9JSB has prepared will be slaved to the controller.

NHRC-10 Repeater Controller Mounted in the Repeater Cabinet Up Close

A look Up Close

There is a customized radio card to interface the NHRC-10 with the radio itself, with added switching to allow a fail-safe fall back to the basic repeater configuration by manual switching.

The club hopes to eventually add EchoLink and Amateur Radio Bulletines like “The RAIN Report” (Radio Amateur Information Network) repeater version.

The Controller:
Mancorad W9DK Club:
The RAIN Report:




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Rose N7HKW Creates a Case for the AADE L/C IIB Meter

Rose – N7HKW at ElecraftCovers ( ElecraftCovers @ gmail . com)  has done an exceptional job of creating a case for the Almost All Digital Electronics L/C IIB Meter I have purchased:



Awesome job!

Talking with her about doing a similar case for my Timewave TZ-900 AntennaSmith Analyzer.



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L/C Meter IIB – digital inductance/capacitance meter by AADE




Just acquired a AADE (Almost All Digital Electronics) LC Meter IIB Inductance/Capacitance meter:

L/C Meter IIB zeros out stray inductance and capacitance by storing their values in RAM and subtracting them from the measured values. It can zero out any value in it’s range allowing longer test leads and slightly improved accuracy over L/C Meter II.

L/C Meter IIB works by measuring the shift in frequency caused by inserting an unknown into it’s oscillator tank circuit. A PIC micro-controller measures the frequency before and after. It then computes the value of the unknown using a floating point math package and displays the result on a 16 character intelligent LCD display.

L/C Meter IIB will NOT measure inductors designed for 60 or 120 Hz applications such as power transformers, filter chokes or motors. The minimum test frequency is about 20KHz and these devices have enormous core losses at that frequency.

Product Link is L/C Meter II, a digital inductance meter / capacitance meter..

eHam Reviews at

Now to learn to use the meter.

I’ve also contacted Rose Kopp N7HKW, Elecraft Cover’s lady (email ), about making a case for my meter.



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A Decade of Remembrance and Our War with Ourselves

Today our prayers and thoughts are with those who perished and also those who were touched by the Terrorist attacks ten years ago today in New York.

God’s Mercy on those who died, were injured or had their loved ones taken from them.

It was a wake-up call to two tiers of evil – a religion infected with evil doers who were the terrorists, and that greater religious body that did little to take care of the evil sheltering itself under their mantle.

It was also a wake-up call that it seems we’ve never lost our fear of the “monster under the bed” leading us to all sorts of self-imposed limitations on our society, and curiously we fear death enough to not properly & freely live our own lives.

Many aspects of the changes we have inflicted upon ourselves are subtle – monitoring what books are checked out at the library & reporting it to authorities, the hassle to renew a passport or the new oilfield worker’s cards, – and some are very overt – Police Units with their own tanks, the Military Units moving with Government VIPs creating virtual no-go zones during visits inside their own country.

Some seem so daft – like the book reporting.  You have to question this as would recent immigrants bent on terrorism even have the language skills to check out complex studies of their own doctrine in what is to them a foreign language? Or wouldn’t they already be indoctrinated before they set off from their homes to our country for a mission?  And why would they break tradecraft to set off an alert system, unless it was just to yank our chains?

We’ve greatly spent the decade in negotiations – negotiations against ourselves on why we should accept all sorts of unconstitutional set-asides, why we should abridge our inalienable rights, and why we should accept limits to our lives to fight terrorism.

It could be argued that our Hobby has been degraded little, perhaps in response to the support Amateur Radio gave to all the post-9/11 communications needs and the role it played in the response to the actual event.

Or has it?

Today many repeaters are now grant money sponsored and now located where Government holds control of the on-off switch.  We’ve periodically been asked to listen for “chatter.”  We’ve made participation in Emcomm subject to various “reliability” background checks and Government training to “indoctrinate” to not our hobby’s standards, but to the government’s plans.

We’ve negotiated away some of our hobby’s Liberties with barely a whimper.

That is minor compared to the games played spending millions imposing various security programs on the populace & workplace, which here in the Heartlands misses that it seems that our risks remain higher from government mistakes (like the gunrunner fiasco) than external threats.

We’re building all sorts of Emergency Centers of various types, justifying with the false illusion that the “money is free” rather than recognizing we paid in taxes for these white elephants.

We remain at war with ourselves, diverting our rights & money against an imagined foe – that “monster under the bed” – rather than decisively dealing with those who support terrorism (for which pushbutton weaponry should be intended) and imagining that we can either effectively or economically police the world.

Even the lose of some few thousands – a fraction of what we loose to Heart Disease and Cancer EACH AND EVERY DAY in this country – should not have brought our economy to its knees.

It is “We” who brought the economy down to its knees by being afraid, and by doing to ourselves the damage the terrorists could never actually do.

Our media holds much guilt for the spread of fear and its results.

As do we as citizenry for basically wanting to believe we were somehow doomed for a single attack on the innocent.

Not even a hundred of such attacks should ever take down our spirits, or lead to our giving up our inalienable rights to mischief done by our own leaders under the false flag of a security for all we know they can never begin to deliver.

We pray today for those who were lost, and who lost their health and who lost their family members.

We also pray for our own weaknesses and that after a decade of fighting ourselves that we will again put our principles and trust in those principles ahead of fears we imagine in our weak moments.



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The Quiet Amateur

Like so many hobbies, occupations and pursuits that can interest a person, Amateur Radio attracts a wide range of personalities.

Very fortunately the good folk seem to outnumber the crusty & less trusty. Perhaps it is that a positive effort is needed to obtain an FCC license, learn what is needed to put together a station and get on the air. This is of course multiplied when the amateur’s interest is a bit more serious than an HT alone, but even spending time with an HT on the local repeater is something special that can bring out a better side in people.

Reflecting back on those “ready Elmers” who were willing to take time to share what they had learned about our hobby, and to constructively offer advice when my efforts were a bit off mark, one can only be every grateful for their kindness & wisdom.

Regularly I hear from one friend who almost never writes about himself in terms of Amateur Radio, but always about what his local group has done, or what help they were able to give another amateur. Good stuff that!

Perhaps we each could ask ourselves, “Have I been a good Elmer often enough?”




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Cornbread Road – A KE9V Audio Amateur Radio Novel Fully On-Line

Jeff KE9V has released all 13 episodes of “Cornbread Road” his audio Amateur Radio Novel.

I’d heard the first 6-7 episodes earlier and can highly recommend his work.

From Jeff KE9V’s website:

Cornbread Road

Life seems tranquil and easy in the farmlands of East Central Indiana. The weather is good, the rain is plentiful and the Earth seems pleased to yield its goodness in acre after acre of corn and beans. It’s an ideal location for a radio amateur – flat land, wide open spaces and no antenna restrictions for hundreds of square miles.

But things aren’t quite what they seem just outside the limits of Paradise Valley on a slab of blacktop known to the locals as Cornbread Road.

The mystery unfolds in thirteen episodic adventures and it’s not like any other ham radio podcast you’ve ever heard…

Subscribe to the podcast feed: or download individual episodes (MP3) below [links are live at Jeff site]:

Episode #1 – Finding Paradise [10min 35sec]
Episode #2 – The View From on Top [11min 24sec]
Episode #3 – Secrets at the Anchor [14min 8sec]
Episode #4 – Midnight in the Desert [11min 33sec]
Episode #5 – Lazy Days of Summer [15min 27sec]
Episode #6 – The Heart of the Matter [11min 0sec]
Episode #7 – Getting On Board [10min 12sec]
Episode #8 – The X Factor [9min 42sec]
Episode #9 – Footprints in the Snow [11min 03sec]
Episode #10 – The Onion Relay [10min 15sec]
Episode #11 – Revelation [13min 26sec]
Episode #12 – Fox Hunt [14min 15sec]
Episode #13 – The Sad Goodbye [12min 04sec]

Here’s a little more about this audio program.

via Cornbread Road |   Ed. 13th Sept 2011 ALSO URL As Jeff has started updating his webpage.

My iPod is just downloading the whole lot, and I will be giving the series a listen this week!

Enjoy and 73


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