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Collins S-Line Mostly Returns

A load of Collins S-Line gear

After MUCH work and TLC by Chuck W9KR, the majority of both of my Collins S-Line stations was ready to pick up.

The 32s1 transmitter is only major piece left behind for final work, as it hasn’t been behaving as expected on each band.

On a temporary basis the RE (Round Emblem) late production transceiver – KWM-2/A with 321B5 Second VFO – and station components (30L1 Amp, 516F2 Power Supply and so on..) will be set up where my Flex-6600M runs. This will let me work the rig lunch hours and after work, as I would like to let the station run for a bit before hauling it out to Washington Island.

I’ll do the same with the 32s1/75s1/30L1/312B4/516F2 WE (Winged Emblem) station when the transmitter is done.

The work Chuck W9KR did is monumental. Recapped, Upgraded, New tubes as required, new parts as required, decades of dust & grime removed, New 572b tubes, in certain cases mouse infestations sign removed, tech bulletin upgrades, CCA upgrades, and a few Chuck W9KR upgrades – especially in improving the reliability of the 516F2 power supplies.

The gear arguably should work better than when new, should be reliable and should have all that great Collins sound.

Quietly I cannot say enough with the detective work and bench work of Chuck W9KR.  I realize that I have so much to learn just in order to fully understand all the goodness he baked into these radios.

Lots of Collins fun ahead for me working the airwaves with refreshed vintage gear!



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Non-Radio – Fleet Changes ’64 Studebaker Champ Pickup Arrives and Two French Cars Leave

The 1964 Studebaker Champ Pickup

As already mention, I picked up a very nice 1964 Studebaker 8E7 Champ Pickup Truck Wide-Bed for use at the hamshack/workshop.

Having said that someday I’d like a Studebaker Pickup, and that actual someday arrived.

I waived good bye to the Panhard 24bt 2-door, which while very rare in the USA and a very nice example, I did not fit very well  inside it or driving it. The XYL thought the Panhard 24bt was a very cute car, and she was not for selling it, but then she didn’t want to drive it either.

Also waived good bye to the Citroen DSuper5. Here I found the project of renovating an exceptionally solid and original car more exciting than driving the car, and the XYL gave the car a weak “meh” always suggesting we take out something else.

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Hamshack Utility Vehicle

1964 Studebaker Champ Pickup

Found an old pickup to serve as the Hamshack Utility vehicle.

We actually as my hamshack is in my workshop, this is more about having a way move stuff that shouldn’t be inside my SUV.

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Slid right past that 2,000 Blog Post Milestone!

Yeah! Over 2000 posts at With Varying Frequency!

I didn’t even notice when I went past the milestone a few weeks ago.

Started in January 2007 and here 15 years later I’ve average a bit under 72 hours between posts.

Though I had made a few posts prior, the public face of this blog was launch January 2007:

Welcome to “With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings

Not to wright some more good stuff!

73 and thank you for being one of my readers!



Rohde & Schwarz High Frequency (HF) Learning Center

Some of the suppliers to government include education as an additional goal.

Whether it is part of their contracts or perhaps just a good way to raise awareness among those interested in their technology, or a recruitment goal, one really doesn’t exactly know.

But they tend to be quite good.

One worth a looksie is:

Rohde & Schwarz High Frequency (HF) Learning Center

Rohde & Schwarz videos, tutorials, white papers, brochures, applications notes, quick links, and articles focused on High Frequency Test and Measurement Solutions; our portfolio of HF radios for land, air, and sea; and our HF monitoring and direction finding solutions.




Non-Radio – Nature at the K9ZW QTH

The home K9ZW QTH is on a bit more than 15 acres of woodland about 8 miles from my work.

We regularly get  plenty of wildlife, but that last week has been specially interesting – birds from the small Hummingbirds to a mature Bald Eagle, mammals from Chipmunks to Whitetail Deer.

A quick log of what we have seen in last days:


  • Eastern Chipmunks
  • Least Chipmunks (little ones)
  • Red Squirrels
  • Eastern Fox Squirrels
  • Eastern Gray Squirrels
  • Woodchucks
  • Opossum

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