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What is our GPS Backup – EU’s Galileo Satellite System DOWN for Four Days and Counting

GPS is one of several global navigation systems. The Soviets had GLONASS (24 satellites) and China has BeiDou (33 satellites).

The European Union has Galileo (22 satellites operational).

Our USA system is the GPS system we are all so familiar with (31 satellites). BTW it is over 40 years old, so it you struggle to imagine a non-GPS world it is understandable, as a good portion of the population is too young to have experienced a non-GPS environment unless they had traveled while young.

Several of these Global Navigation Systems “cooperate” in that Global Navigation Systems Receivers are offered that use several of the different signals at the same time.

All well and good, until it doesn’t work.

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A bit beyond Amateur Radio – Counterfactual Quantum Communications

Just in case you have been asleep at the wheel, I’ve put together this “A bit beyond Amateur Radio – Counterfactual Quantum Communications” post.

First the nitty-gritty:

What Is Quantum Entanglement?

What is the Turing Paradox/Quantum Zeno Effect?

If you are like me you are at the point of wonderment and a headache simultaneously!

Guess that is “Quantum Entanglement by Communication?”



Forum Friends, Initiative, and Being Truly Stumped – and Suggestions

Forum Friends

It is interesting to see internet forums develop “forum friendships” between people who likely have seldom even met each other, the varying levels of initiative, and the rare truly stumped request for help.

“Forum Friendships” in many ways are natural – while people seldom really want to hang out with “clones of themselves” most people do gravitate towards “like thinkers.” Kind of natural as these like thinkers share a common language and value base. They see each other as “getting it.”

Unfortunately, groups of “Forum Friends” can become a sort of clique to other forum participants, especially if the “Forum Friends” is seen as a closed group.  Some forums legitimize their cliques by identifying the clique members, often assigning administrative or moderating tasks to the clique members.

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Sourcing another TM-370HD Skyneedle

As we got the new QTH project on the road I learned that the TM-370HD Skyneedle tower I had stored went AWOL.

Very generously a friend had stored it in an equipment yard that suddenly sold, and the presumption is that it went into several storage trailers that are proving hard to get access to once they’d been moved off site.

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Building a RCA Bus to Allow Several Radios to Trigger an Amplifier

My friend George W9EVT has a fairly unique hamshack.

Most of the hundreds of radios are easily usable, but he keeps Eight radios on the ready.

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Little “q” and Big “Q” QSOs – Differences in Logging and QSLing

Following up on my thoughts about FT8 QSOs in reflection I’ve decided to divide QSOs into Little “q” and Big “Q” QSOs.

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