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Node Red for your Remote Station

I’ve been watching closely the efforts of several FlexRadio Community member’s station automation via Node Red.

Node Red is a pretty slick programming setup that these folks are using to interface to their remote stations. It originated with the IBM’s Emerging Technology Services group and is now an independent open source project. The main Node Red website is

VA3MW Node Red Example from Oct 2019

There is tons of stuff you can do with Node Red.

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FlexRadio Innovations – Integral FT8 and Contesting

Jeff KE9V attended the W9DXCC 2019 event and reported on his web diary:


Gerald, K5SDR took a little extra time to show me the new (not yet released) iOS software that permitted him to make FT8 contacts on his iPad via his station in Texas. It wasn’t just a session running in a window on the iPad, it’s an actual application with a modified user interface to take advantage of the iPad format. He told me the software is ready to go but since Apple is imminently updating iOS to version 13, they want to wait and shakedown the new app with it before it’s released.

Speaking of Flex, every contester who spoke and that I casually bumped into were all FlexRadio users. I guess I’ve missed that transition. You can argue all you want and point to Rob Sherwood’s receiver data but all the big dogs are still running Flex whether you realize it or not.


Not certain if the FT8 integration is a FRS project or a partner project. Jeff KE9V is better briefed than I am at this stage.

I’m certainly eager to have an all-in-one client solution!




S-Meters – Comfortable Lies or Accuracy? – The Whisper of Sweet Nothings

In the FlexRadio Community a poster complained that his Flex-6700 reported S-2/3 noise most of the time.

He wanted his radio to “Whisper Sweet Nothings” report S-0 if disconnected from an antenna – basically setting aside the noise the sensitive Flex-6700 was actually hearing.

He never disclosed if his feedline and antenna switches were still in line, if they were grounded when antennas were deselected, or whatever other RF his radio was experiencing.

He also didn’t tell the community if he had his Flex-6700 narrowed down to a specific frequency, opened wide in a wide band receiver configuration, or how his radio was configured.

“He” is actually several posters who have some been part of this discussion before, some new to FlexRadio, and all who hadn’t looked for older threads on the issue.

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Flex-6000 with an Apple MAC – An Option Suggested by KF2T

Geroge KF2T updated the FRS Community with an option to run DogparkSDR with the latest macOS versions and the latest radio updates using “Nexus” as a macOS DAX (xDAX) replacement.

I’ve written to KF2T to ask more details, including details on his workaround for xCAT (the macOS CAT.)

More to follow!



Thoughts on older versions of SmartSDR

At the FlexRadio Community folks were discussing whether SmartSDR Version 1.x was going to see any feature additions (think not) and if you had to have an internet connection to run a FlexRadio (which is “no” other than upgrades or doing remote by SmartLink).

Here are my comments:

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An Experience of FlexRadio’s Remote Access Helping a Corrupted DAX Issue

Having several Windows PCs, and Apple Macs/iPhones/iPads all in use with four FlexRadio Flex-6000’s in various locations, AND participating the Alpha Testing Program with lots of extra test versions of software, I have messed up a few installations with DAX naming corruption issues. Usually I’ve been able to use the FRS published procedures to sort things out.

But then came one PC, a HP fanless i5 used at my Washington Island QTH, that caught the DAX-Blues really hard.

The usual techniques didn’t sort out this mess – and I was at the verge of making it worse!

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