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Transmission Line (Feed Line) Theory – Well done film from the past

Dale N6JSX sent a link to this excellent primer on Transmission Lines, available online:

Once common, these sorts of videos were used in both civilian and military training. Dale N6JSX recollects seeing this same film during Navy electronics training in the 1970s.

The Navy also did a dozen some volume electronics training guide, which I will see if I can round up current links.



Placeholder – Back Posting Soon

Having really too many irons in the fire at the moment, finishing up ready-to-post articles just isn’t happening.

Mostly good stuff, just one of those “life bulges” where suddenly at the same time lots of things are moving and need one’s attention.

QSOing is way down too, to something like less than 180 QSO’s per week and 98% digital minimalistic to boot.

Both QTHs also needed to be made winter-ready, and that has gone well with just draining the water out to the main ham workshop & garden so it doesn’t freeze over winter, and getting the snow removal equipment ready for eventual use. All of the summer equipment is sorted, except for the implement company picking up my riding mowers to do a service over while they store them over the winter.

Simultaneous car issues added to the chores, with one car needing to be transported to the dealer to sort out an electrical issue (which of course wasn’t something that warranty would cover, my shop truck needing a new alternator, and the XYL’s car needing a set of tires before the snow comes. Kind of singed the checkbook, but they are now all ready.

Enough of that – I think you get the idea. Long days with plenty of extras to do.

That should break after Thanksgiving – well I am telling myself that to make myself feel better. It will clear soon though!

73 and all the best,


Thinking Ahead – Countering the Nefarious as an Amateur Radio Operator – Part I

This series started with

With the recent FCC admonishment to the Amateur Radio community to “not commit crimes using amateur radio” begs first the obvious question asking what is up with the FCC, but it is the second question of “what can we do to help?” that is of more importance to the radio amateur.

How can we “Counter the Nefarious?”

Reality is the segment of society involved in ham radio may share some commonality, but also includes a wide enough swath to have a few bad actors in the bunch.

Some are garden variety troll-type folk who act out on the air, online or are just schadenfreude in real life.  The majority of these folk are pretty easy to identify and not very hard to keep away at arms length or further.

But here and there a few actual nefarious people join the ranks of amateur radio or make it their business to interfere with a ham. Lets call these “In the Ranks” and “External,” and have a look at what a ham can do.

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Saluting Veterans Today (11 NOV 21)

Been a long long time since my time at boot camp, but I hope I can still salute with respect!

To the veterans among us, I salute you!

Well done, and thank you for your service!




Tennadyne and Cubex now under new ownership

Congratulations to Mark K5YAC, Tennadyne and Cubex antennas new owner!

Roger Greenfield WB8NDC had been looking to pass the baton as he and his XYL Nancy wanted to do retirement things.

It is awesome to see the transition completed.

You will be impressed with Mark K5YAC’s background. The page has been updated to Mark’s information.  Expect that link to be updates as Mark overhauls the company website.

Tennadyne’s updated phone is (918) 237-0844 and they haven’t posted their new Collinsville, Oklahoma mailing & physical address yet.  Mark’s QRZ page mentions FB and LinkedIn, so he may be putting information there.



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A Brief Hiatus this Week

Mixture of busy with a few non-radio projects, a tad under the weather after getting full of dust and stuff from a very extended yard work project, and needing to deal with some extra stuff.

I also was not happy rereading some of my drafts, as they show the effect of my focus being elsewhere.  Good substance but phooey-grade execution on my part.  Should be better with some revisions or rewriting. 

On the upside, friends gave us their tickets to a Peter Noonan and Herman’s Hermits concert, which was fun. A lot of talent in those folks, including Peter, and it is a treat for all of us that they haven’t up and retired completely.

Something more later should post later this week.