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Ice-Remote by iPhone to a Flex-6600M and Flex-PGXL Amp

Just wanted to share a few pictures remotely running a 6600M and PGXL from the icy waters of Lake Michigan.

Work obligations made my weekend schedule into a scrambled mess, as I was first able to leave for my Washington Island QTH this Saturday morning.

So my WPX plans are moved from “a push” to “very casual.”

But where I’ve been making them from is very fun.

Here is my truck on the dock at Northport Wisconsin waiting for the icebreaker-ferry to arrive:


I was able to run a good run of QSOs using SmartSDR for iOS on my iPhone:


The ferry arrived and we loaded:




I lost conductivity because of the metal and the limitations of the net up on the water.  Plus is is too choppy to run a touchscreen on the water.  If I was thinking ahead I would have brought my ToughBook and a gain network antenna.

Here is a shot of the late season ice flows:


In true ham-spirit I had fun working remotely!