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Radio Crow’s Nest – Work Platform on Skyneedle

As most of the cable and rotor work would be right at the top of the unextended Skyneedle, a Crow’s Nest work platform has been added.

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Thinking Simple – “Plan B” for your Station

Many of us have fairly complicated stations, featuring antenna switches, varying levels of smart components, station integration, some dependence on local LAN and internet WAN for full capabilities, and individually complex gear.

We may be favoring running digital modes that require computing capabilities, precision time references/time keeping, and perhaps access to a WAN to coordinate/control our operations.  The software in itself is complex.

What are our individual “Plan-B” when some or all of this complexity and inter-connectivity fails?

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Skyneedle pointing to the Sky!

It’s been a long run of waiting out bad weather to put the TM-370HD Skyneedle up. Today October 10th 2019 is the day.

Presently the tower is affixed to the base and self supporting. Waiting for the lift to arrive to unhook the forklift’s chain and start assembling the ladder, platform and rotator.

Skyneedle erected 

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An Excellent FT8 Guide by ZL2IFB

Gary Hinson G4IFB/ZL2IFB runs a pretty awesome website and has done an excellent job of producing an FT8 Guide available as a PDF.

I’m partway through rereading his guide and would recommend it to both new FT8 users and the experienced operator.

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Amateur Radio Snake Oil

First I am NOT pointing at any particular product or manufacturer or amateur radio spokesperson in my observations. If you are worried that this article applies to your product then you’re either paranoid or you actually have something worrisome about your product.

In Amateur Radio there are a lot of claims made that cannot be substantiated. These are pure Snake Oil.

Some tests I use to decide if a claim/product/speaker is Snake Oil are:

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Node Red for your Remote Station

I’ve been watching closely the efforts of several FlexRadio Community member’s station automation via Node Red.

Node Red is a pretty slick programming setup that these folks are using to interface to their remote stations. It originated with the IBM’s Emerging Technology Services group and is now an independent open source project. The main Node Red website is

VA3MW Node Red Example from Oct 2019

There is tons of stuff you can do with Node Red.

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