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Best Laid Plans – Cable Pull Follies

Pulling the cables at the new K9ZW main QTH has been a bit frustrating.

Initially the cable measurements from the electrical contractor just weren’t happening.

After some back and forth I did get the order into DavisRF who have exceeded expectations in getting the cables to me.

But weather lead to shipping delays which put the cables arriving right in the midst of foul weather.

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Thinking Ahead – Station Physical Security Needs

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Station Physical Security is an often overlooked aspect of being a Radio Amateur. Because we typically have a visual antenna signature, our stations are well advertised. Plus we’re on lots of lists, everything from our FCC and QRZ-type records, to possible planning permission, to the marketing lists for places like DX-Engineering, HRO and other radio amateur niche marketeers.

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Thinking Ahead – Being Prepared as an Amateur Radio Operator

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“Being Prepared as an Amateur Radio Operator” is a serious concept.  One that probably deserves a book length discussion.  Will touch on a few highlights and provide some reference materials for those who want to dig in deeper.

By definition being prepared for the unforeseen is not a specifically solvable problem.  If you truly prepared for an elegant solution it would be unlikely the problem was “unforeseen” rather than simply a foreseeable problem you hoped wouldn’t actually happen.  Being prepared isn’t like one of the stylized action novels where the hero has just exactly the right gear, training and skills to get out of the bad guy’s dastardly plans.  That is literary-preparedness for artistic reasons.

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Upcoming Product – DEM V/U XVERTER -VHF/UHF Multiband Transverter

Down East Microwave has announced a 5 band transverter which appears to be idea for use with a Flex-6700/6600 transceiver.

Description given is:

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Thinking Ahead – Common Mistakes in Viewing Potential Issues with Emcomm/EmGov Entanglement

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Our hobby when cast in the mold of Emcom/EmGov has taken on the mantel of the served-agency while losing it Amateur Radio footing.

Most hams fail to get a good clear idea of what their entanglement with Emcom/EmGov means to them personally, parting though:

  • Flattering Platitudes
  • Cultivated Misunderstandings
  • Overtly Intentional False Information
  • The Self-Serving of the Emcom/EmGov “Industry”

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Thinking Ahead – Should you have unexposed radio capabilities as an Amateur Radio Operator

Carry on from the series started in Thinking Ahead – “Should you have unexposed radio capabilities as an Amateur Radio Operator?” is an important question.

Having covered the inventory and lists fetish of organizations, the radio amateur needs to be aware that the lists in bad actor’s hands could be used to deny them the ability to use their communication skills.

A bad actor may come for your radios in the physical sense or surveil the amateur for operations.

Even a normally good actor may be induced to perform bad actor functions through the “Intersections of Lists” analysis or through “red flag” rules.

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