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Heraclitus and Ham Radio

Recently I’ve seen another resurgence of “ham nostalgic reminiscence” where hams lament why things are not just like there were in (pick a date) today?

They seem to forget that they also are not what they were back in their warmly remember past!

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher (birth circa 544 BC), is recorded as saying:

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

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Going Uncoordinated in a Chaotic World – the 145.110 Repeater Coordination Saga

How relevant is Repeater Coordination when the coordinating entities fail to act in a timely manner?

As background:

A former local radio club had coordinated a 2m repeater here in Manitowoc, which had been located in their former club shack.  This 145.110 repeater had been coordinated through W.A.R. – the Wisconsin Association of Repeaters and had been running happily for some years.  Like 10 plus years.

When the City of Manitowoc made it known that the club shack building was being repurposed the was obvious the repeater was going to be on the move, so I amended our existing coordination to a new site located where I work.  The displacement is a few blocks, elevation the same, antenna and gear the same.  Basically the repeater moved 5 football fields north.

While the new site was built-out to accommodate the club’s repeater but during this period of time WAR canceled the coordination!

They claim it was canceled because of a “lack of response to an email requesting an update.”

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On Windows 10 Major Update Changes affects on SmartSDR and DAX

Recently a Flex community member posted:


Changes to Windows 10 update model announced

Reported by ars technica on July 24, 2019

Quoting first paragraph: “Microsoft outlined new directions for Windows 10’s update model in a pair of blog posts. It looks like the company is shifting its twice-annual major release cycle to a twice-annual major/minor release cycle, with major upgrades in spring and minor upgrades in the fall.”

John – WA7UAR

And I commented:

AFAIK the present model replaces significant portions of the OS twice a year, with planned patches on “patch Tuesday” and unplanned patches at other times.

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REPOST “With Varying Frequency” Technical and Housekeeping

REPOST from March 17th 2011 – any updates are in Brackets


Some thoughts on how “With Varying Frequency” runs:

Quoted Materials:

A kind person pointed out that a recent post was unclear in attribution, leaving the possibility that a reader wouldn’t know what was quoted and what I wrote, and they were right!

WordPress allows several tools to create Bog Posts, and I’ve been using several of them. One that is quite useful to share other web content, “Press It,” handles quoted material differently than expected – guess reading the directions before use would help!

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Ratings of the Lab vs User Experience? Which is valid?

Some hams depend on Lab reports and ratings to make purchase decisions. If they are to be believed any time the rankings from one of the Labs changes that they quickly order the new top dog and sell off their present radios.

What a load of crap. Few actually change their radios each time the latest lab results are published, even fewer will argue that that ratings have any impact on user experience (you can only hear to certain limits), and even less will argue that the lab result is important enough to offset every other aspect of the user experience.

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Communication Controlled Technology becoming Uncontrolled Chaos

Have you ever done communications where some aspect of either your equipment, the control/remote connectivity or the actual mode of connectivity depends on anything outside your shack and the other person’s shack?

Did you ever try EchoLink, Fusion, D-Star or any similar modes?

Did you ever VPN, RemoteHam or SmartLink to a remote station?

Does any of your gear or methods require precision time references from outside your shack?

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