We took a virtual vacation today

Weather was really nice for late November in Wisconsin today. Sunny and 50F/10c.

So I started up our 40 year old Citroen CX Athena and we did what we called our “virtual European vacation.”

The CX under the hood.

The CX is now a Wisconsin car on collector’s plates.

At our harbor they painted a tank to look like a giant fishing bobber.

We parked across the river from our local ship-of-war, the WWII USS Cobia submarine.

Made several stops to inspect the fall conditions.

Our travels imagined each town as a country. So we visited the “countries” of Whitelaw, Mishicot, Shoto, Two Rivers, Branch and both the north and south sides of Manitowoc in our jaunt out today.

When asked if we collected and souvenirs, we did! Several heads of lettuce, some smoked fish, pickled beets and jars of jam from the Winter Market. I was the designated person to deal with the natives…. given that I’m less likely to get ill for a bit from their native diseases!

Not any sort of a substitute for a real vacation, but still really nice to get out in the fair weather!




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