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Original 13 Colonies Independence Day Special Event

Original 13 Colonies Independence Day Special Event

July 1st to July 4th 2009, all thirteen 1776 original colonies will be on the air. One S.E. station per Colony state.

A full color certificate printed on heavy card stock or parchment paper, with a map and the state flags of all the 1776 colony states will be available to to each station who works one or more or ALL of the Special Event stations.

Each colony state worked will be marked by the shield of the United States by each state flag.

Special event call signs will be used.

Callsigns for the Event:

K2A – NY
K2B – VA
K2C – RI
K2D – CT
K2E – DE
K2G – GA
K2F – MD
K2H – MA
K2I – NJ
K2J – NC
K2K – NH
K2L – SC
K2M – PA

Full details on:

Between work and other commitments I will struggle to get all 13 worked in the July 1st to 5th event, but will give it a shot!



W9DK Field Day 09 Progress

Field Day is going VERY well for Mancorad W9DK

We’ve logged more than all of last year in our first 10 hours, learned much and are having a lot of fun!

The GOTA Station is a hit, and seems to have a fine performing antenna – better than the permanent ones!

More after the event!



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Club Cooperation & Other Agendas

It always seems a Radio Club meeting hardly goes by where one member or another brings in an Item of New Business, often with pejorative intent, as a “surprise” basically intended to derail the meeting.

Often they can be found first huddling in the back of the club room, with clip boards or rafts of papers they have selected to wave about as they attempt to hijack a general members’ meeting with material that should have first been addressed to the club’s board.

I was reflecting on how various club members have wanted to ignore the facts, the law, existing written documentation, and the consensus of those around them, to support their “interestingly unique take on reality.”

This quote came across my desk in a client’s email and I think the lady has it spot on:

“You can ignore reality.
You cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

— Ayn Rand

In other words a member can claim this or than, starkly in opposition to reality, and get away with it until it comes time to be held accountable by the laws of nature, laws of man and of course the laws of the taxman.

Cheers & 73,


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Gains in Numbers of Radio Amateurs – Never say Die

Was somewhat surprised and encouraged to have recently read the USA FCC Licensing analysis from George K3UD:

Overall we had a 12 month increase of 12,877 or an average of 1,000+ per month. I was not that long ago when we were averaging about 2,000 a month.


We Gained:
9,092 – Tech/+
4,427 – General
3,090 – Extra
16,609 – Total

We lost:
1,703 – Novice
2,029 – Advanced
-3,732 – Total

+12,877 gain for the the time period from 6/15/08 – 6/16/09


Excellent news that we’re not all fading away in aged retirement!

Our local club has an increasing number of youth involved, and I can think of a handful of Extra Class licensees in the area who are too young to vote!



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W9DK Mancorad 2009 Field Day Poster

We’ve worked the ARRL’s wonderful artwork in a couple simple Field Day posters.



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Flexing the Flex-Radio Flex-5000a

Using the radio for everything from Catching Openings on 6m to DX on 20m to Rag Chewing on 160m!

PowerSDR 1.18.0 seems very able and very stable.

PowerSDR SVN Alpha Software quite interesting, but as Alpha versions really experimenter’s realm and not ready for prime time.  As my operating time is limited I’ve reverted back to the last full stable release idea and am running 1.18.0  Likely will upgrade to the just released 1.18.1 in a few days.

Have PowerSDR talking to other programs reasonably well.  A bit of tinkering and I’ll have it down pat and talking to everything my shack needs to have talked to!

Dual Monitor Layout working well, and soon to include software presentations of Array Solution’s PowerMaster Watt/SWR meter and Green Heron Rotor controller. Still looking for a software controlled remote antenna switch.

If you havent’ had a chance, you need to get some air time with a Flex!



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