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Ten Tec TV Podcast

The TenTec iTunes Link is where to start for the excellent TenTec series on radio use and on TenTec products both new & old!

TenTec TV main website is at

The TenTec TV Youtube channel is at

Well worth your time to watch TenTec TV!



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Dayton 2009 Hamvention Plans

Made my decision on Dayton Hamvention 2009 and it is a Go! My usual “Dayton Buddy” George W9EVT decided to pass this year and without someone else to travel with I was wavering.

My eldest son Tom KC9JGD happens to be between semesters in May and when asked said he’d like to go! Tom is a Chemical Engineering Student in Michigan Technological University’s Army ROTC program and has held a technician ticket for several years.

Perhaps this will be a trip to inspire him to upgrade his license?

Our quick check list:

1). I have the time off from work, Tom will be on break in his program.
2). We have a hotel reservations at the Crown (main hotel for the event).
3). We both have Contest University registrations for Thursday, and have picked out sessions.
4). I have mailed off a check for our tickets to Friday Night’s DX Dinner
5). I have paid on-line for Saturday Night’s Contest Dinner
6). I have paid on-line for our Hamvention show tickets and bus passes.

Things to do:

1). We need to look over the Hamvention Forums.

2). Tom needs to consider taking the General Class upgrade exam at the show. Great spot to do it.

3). A number of Amateur Radio Bloggers have expressed an interest in having a get together, and we will have to schedule for this.

4). Work out when we will visit the Everynight 160m Net folk out at the KOA Campground. They have a formal event, but it conflicts with one of the dinners we’re signed up for.

Here are the URL’s for the various events:

Hamvention –

Contest University –

SWODXA (Friday Night’s Dinner) –

Contest Dinner (Saturday Night) –

Hamvention on the Net – (some scary) videos of past shows –



Miles & Miles….

Have had a couple weeks back to back with a lot of road miles. Not a huge number of miles – perhaps 800 per week, but lots of windshield time with short trips.

Looking over the posts I have drafted they are wanting an edit before posting.

I’m hoping to include some audio clips of the various filters & features of the Flex-5000A as I’ve become quite impressed with the Binaural Processing.



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ICQ Podcast – UK based Amateur Radio Podcast

ICQ Podcast

ICQ Podcast Banner is an outstanding UK based Amateur Radio Podcast done by Martin Butler (M1MRB) and Colin Butler (M6BOY)

You can subscribe to ICQ Podcast as a Podcast or in a variety of other forms.

As of this writing Martin M1MRB and Colin M6BOY have released 22 Episodes, 14 in Series One and now 8 in Series Two.

They are occasionally  joined by James (M0BOV) and Chris Matthieu (N7ICE).

I’ve enjoyed the episodes I’ve heard and have now downloaded the full set to listen to while driving.

Great job Martin & Colin and Thank You for sharing your Amateur Radio Experiences and Knowledge!



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Freecom Yahoo Groups Emergency Self-Reliance Communications Group Gaining Members

The Freecom Yahoo Groups Emergency Self-Reliance Communications Group Gaining Members.

We’ve had one concern that Freecom might be badly reflect upon by the Freeband/Freebander’s pirate radio ideas.

Certain there will be some discussion if the label Freecom is easily confused or not.

If you are interested in self-reliance in Emergency Communications outside of the professionalized formal Emcomm group enviornment, consider giving Freecom a look.

The Yahoo Group URL is:



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You Can’t Do Everything – Making Room for Amateur Radio in Life’s Chaos

You Can’t Do Everything – Making Room for Amateur Radio in Life’s Chaos.

Ok, lets start with the confession that much Life Chaos is 100% self-inflicted, and the small percentage that isn’t tends to be either minor in a lot of cases, leaving only a small chunk of externally created major life chaos.

Just finished playing a Show Band Concert to a packed house. Heard we had over 1200 in the audience. Between rehearsals and performing it sure did take up a bunch of time that I could have worked my radios.

Then there is my self-challenge to do some serious reading in 2009. Lucky for me that I read with pretty decent speed, but again I could be running the rig.

Did I mention the hours spent traveling? Really should get that mobile setup completed.

In the end you can do Everything. Making Room for Amateur Radio in Life’s Chaos is a challenge, but a rewarding one.