Dayton 2009 Hamvention Plans

Made my decision on Dayton Hamvention 2009 and it is a Go! My usual “Dayton Buddy” George W9EVT decided to pass this year and without someone else to travel with I was wavering.

My eldest son Tom KC9JGD happens to be between semesters in May and when asked said he’d like to go! Tom is a Chemical Engineering Student in Michigan Technological University’s Army ROTC program and has held a technician ticket for several years.

Perhaps this will be a trip to inspire him to upgrade his license?

Our quick check list:

1). I have the time off from work, Tom will be on break in his program.
2). We have a hotel reservations at the Crown (main hotel for the event).
3). We both have Contest University registrations for Thursday, and have picked out sessions.
4). I have mailed off a check for our tickets to Friday Night’s DX Dinner
5). I have paid on-line for Saturday Night’s Contest Dinner
6). I have paid on-line for our Hamvention show tickets and bus passes.

Things to do:

1). We need to look over the Hamvention Forums.

2). Tom needs to consider taking the General Class upgrade exam at the show. Great spot to do it.

3). A number of Amateur Radio Bloggers have expressed an interest in having a get together, and we will have to schedule for this.

4). Work out when we will visit the Everynight 160m Net folk out at the KOA Campground. They have a formal event, but it conflicts with one of the dinners we’re signed up for.

Here are the URL’s for the various events:

Hamvention –

Contest University –

SWODXA (Friday Night’s Dinner) –

Contest Dinner (Saturday Night) –

Hamvention on the Net – (some scary) videos of past shows –



One thought on “Dayton 2009 Hamvention Plans

  1. w4kaz says:

    Don’t forget to add “Have Fun!” to the to-do list. Wish I were going too, but not this year.

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