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Thinking Ahead – Common Mistakes in Viewing Potential Issues with Emcomm/EmGov Entanglement

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Our hobby when cast in the mold of Emcom/EmGov has taken on the mantel of the served-agency while losing it Amateur Radio footing.

Most hams fail to get a good clear idea of what their entanglement with Emcom/EmGov means to them personally, parting though:

  • Flattering Platitudes
  • Cultivated Misunderstandings
  • Overtly Intentional False Information
  • The Self-Serving of the Emcom/EmGov “Industry”

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The political risks of Repeater Collocation on Government Controlled Sites

As part of the Freecom ideals, avoiding government entanglements is a primary concern.  It really doesn’t matter what the Government’s reason would be, as the right to operate is subject to their veto.

Usually in collocation agreements access is restricted to designated personnel, often with further restrictions.  Usually the agreement gives not only the site host oversight, but often opens the way to other government control over operations.  The agreements usually reserve the right to shut the amateur radio down at their whim without ready recourse.  And if you ready the CalFire demand you make become an economic hostage after your build your part of the site to unilaterally monetary demands.

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Communication Controlled Technology becoming Uncontrolled Chaos

Have you ever done communications where some aspect of either your equipment, the control/remote connectivity or the actual mode of connectivity depends on anything outside your shack and the other person’s shack?

Did you ever try EchoLink, Fusion, D-Star or any similar modes?

Did you ever VPN, RemoteHam or SmartLink to a remote station?

Does any of your gear or methods require precision time references from outside your shack?

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REPOST: Personal Emergency Communication Preparedness for a Modern Radio Amateur the Freecomm Way

REPOST from Oct. 28th, 2011

What is the Radio Amateur’s responsibility for Personal Emergency Communication Preparedness?

Yeah, let’s get that answered and out of the way.

In absolutes their responsibility is “none” – zero, nada, zilch – none.

Personal Emergency Communications Preparedness, even for those of us who are ARRL members, is not a requirement.

[ Wipe Brow and Sigh here ]

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REPOST: Why I only do Independent Personal Emcomm….

REPOST from Nov 28th 2011

I’ve been asked why I limit my Emergency Communications involvement to little more than Personal Preparedness?

There are a whole raft of reasons:

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REPOST: Freecom, our Real Communications Friend in Time of Emergency?

REPOST from Feb. 2nd, 2009

When the chips are down, and full Emcomm is running, how will “we, the people” maintain communications?

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