Internet by Fiber Ethernet to the Radio Room

Thanks to an empty conduit put in several years ago when a directional boring machine was on site, 110m of fiber is serving as an Ethernet Backhaul to my radio room.

I’m using the Ubiquiti Amplifi mesh system, and it allows for adding routers as “RAMPs” (Router As Mesh Point) using standard Ethernet cables as well as wirelessly. AmpliFi link I bought mine from Amazon for convenience.

My electrician pulled a four fiber cable, terminated with LC style ends (more on that in a bit).

The extra fiber pair is redundancy and I’m using a pair arbitrarily named 01 and 02.

My very limited exposure to fiber was assembling two fiber isolation units to protect my Ethernet system from my radios and the radios from anything electrically bad likewise. Those builds used SC connectors. So even though the new fiber was ready I had the wrong Media Converters on hand.  Here is what I ordered to use with the LC connectors on the new fiber.

The Amplifi process is pretty simple – configure the added router as a Mesh Point. Then enable the added router’s Ethernet Backhaul mode and cable it to the main router to the designated input on the new unit. It is now a RAMP operating by Ethernet Backhaul. Info on doing the Ethernet backhaul

Once running it was simple to substitute Media Adapters and the fiber for the Ethernet CAT6e cable and restart the RAMP in the new location.

AMPLIFI APP showing Backhaul

This means in all of my buildings the mesh is consistent. One big network.

Some clues on the APP picture.  The “<…>” is a wired connection – the Backhaul. The items in black signify Amplifi’s “Gamers Edition” and the white is their standard edition.

Looking good on the internet part of adding my last remote station in the Radio Room of the workshop.



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