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14 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. George Fritkin says:

    like to buy the Hercules and scout. How much?


  2. Don Smith says:

    Is the LDG-1000 still available? Price?


  3. k9zw says:

    Yes it is – will email you info directly.



  4. mark kc5ygc says:

    dentron tuner/model/price 73

    mark kc5ygc

  5. k9zw says:

    Will get something posted on this, once I catch up with the email and snailmail from being away.



  6. If you sell your 78 for 2700 and another buyer wants one, send him to me. I have one as clean and nice as yours and will send a hundred bucks referal.

  7. Grant W4OJC says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am looking for an Alpha. If it is still available, can we talk? I will be happy to call you.

    73 Grant

  8. Cy Stanway says:

    Interested in the alpha. if it is in good shape, i will buy it

  9. k9zw says:

    NOTE The Alpha 78 and TenTec Scout are sold. Thank you and 73


  10. Josh N7XM says:

    is the SIX EL QUAD for FORTY METERS operating NOW????

    Its late SEPT 2008

    Josh N7XM

  11. Josh N7XM says:

    is the forty meter QUAD of SIX elements up and running ?????

  12. k9zw says:

    Hello Josh N7XM

    My understanding is that the big Quad is not back up.

    Work has kept my on-island time to a day here or there, keeping me out of the loop.



  13. Matt Richardson says:

    Hi, just wondering if the Ten Tec 1253 reciever still for sale ..

    regards Matt

  14. John WC3Q says:

    It was posted a long time ago, but an NCS 3230 is listed as “for sale”. Has this been sold? (Always worth asking :-)

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