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Non-Radio – POTS Telephone

A one-REN handset

POTS – Plain Old Telephone System is something we end up taking for granted.

Recently I had some questions on voltages at rest and ringing, and found this reference:

My question also had to do with REN (Ringer Equivalence Number) issues. A REN is the amount of AC current that’s used by an old Bell type 2500 set with mechanical bells.

Typically you get 5 REN or more, but lots of issues can make it less, attenuated, or as it was in my research case unexpectedly “all used up” by gear that needed more RENs each than the labels added up to.



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Doublethink inducing Cognitive Dissonance

and we did it to ourselves….

Duplicity and multiplicity of facts, pseudo-facts, emotional claim stakes, marketing and propaganda have led to many situations where more than one “truth” is being held out to the people.

As an example the use of certain PPE (personal protective equipment) as touted as an absolute necessity for health, when that equipment is scaled so coarsely that the hazard will never even know the equipment is in use.

So a false security feeling based on flawed mechanical engineering is held out as truthful, despite violating common sense and any specific engineering assessed results.  Emotive “facts” rather than reality-based facts.

So the individual is expected to believe this PPE is Good despite knowing that this PPE is ineffective for the promoted usage, which is a conflicting truth.

The human mind has an ability to navigate doublethink, to a certain limit.

But when the discord is either too great a stretch in that particular instance, or if so many discords are simultaneously presented, the mind enters cognitive dissonance.

This induces psychological stress, to which again each human mind has it own limits to cope with.

In multiple conversations, both in person and online, people have started mentioning how they can see the psychological stress induced cognitive dissonance as people are expect to maintain a doublethink process on so many levels is causing.

The so called “fact checkers” reinforcing logically unsupportable positions for political reasons is aggravating the discord.

The squandered trust of institutions of society that formerly had been considered oracles of benchmark-grade statements, as they have been caught red-handed lying to the people doesn’t help either.

I have had highly educated and skilled people suddenly clutch to one side or another from a doublethink pairing, even if they knew that position was not truthful or factual. When you ask them they tell you that they simply have stopped caring I they “like” the position they are holding fast onto.

These doublethink afflicted people have experienced enough cognitive dissonance that they have retreated to emotional positions – clutching the baby blanket comforter of (il)logical thinking, rather than factual supportable positions.

It would be better if we could figure out a way to stop doing this damage to ourselves.



Non-Radio – Fleet Changes ’64 Studebaker Champ Pickup Arrives and Two French Cars Leave

The 1964 Studebaker Champ Pickup

As already mention, I picked up a very nice 1964 Studebaker 8E7 Champ Pickup Truck Wide-Bed for use at the hamshack/workshop.

Having said that someday I’d like a Studebaker Pickup, and that actual someday arrived.

I waived good bye to the Panhard 24bt 2-door, which while very rare in the USA and a very nice example, I did not fit very well  inside it or driving it. The XYL thought the Panhard 24bt was a very cute car, and she was not for selling it, but then she didn’t want to drive it either.

Also waived good bye to the Citroen DSuper5. Here I found the project of renovating an exceptionally solid and original car more exciting than driving the car, and the XYL gave the car a weak “meh” always suggesting we take out something else.

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Non-Radio – Nature at the K9ZW QTH

The home K9ZW QTH is on a bit more than 15 acres of woodland about 8 miles from my work.

We regularly get  plenty of wildlife, but that last week has been specially interesting – birds from the small Hummingbirds to a mature Bald Eagle, mammals from Chipmunks to Whitetail Deer.

A quick log of what we have seen in last days:


  • Eastern Chipmunks
  • Least Chipmunks (little ones)
  • Red Squirrels
  • Eastern Fox Squirrels
  • Eastern Gray Squirrels
  • Woodchucks
  • Opossum

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Non-Radio – Where the Road Stops

Memorial Day 2022 I drove the Pinzgauer 710M up to Washington Island to participated in an Island charity event.

The ride out to the island was on Washington Island Ferry Line’s Madonna, their newest, fastest, biggest and “bestest” ferry!

K9ZW’s Pinzgauer 710M on the Island Ferry (Madonna) leaving the mainland

During the weekend drove over to Jackson Harbor, which is truly the “End of the Road” in Door County Wisconsin, but first needed to stop my the K9ZW Island retreat.

The 710M at K9ZW’s weekend retreat on Washington Island

The official roads end at the Rock Island ferry, which is a passenger-only ferry as vehicles are not allowed in the Rock Island State Park.

The 710M at Jackson Harbor, which truly is the “End of the Road” in Door County. The Island in the Distance is Rock Island, State Park, where no private cars are allowed.

Rock Island is also the end of Wisconsin, as the much further distant islands are part of Michigan.

So I can now say “I have been to the end of the road and back, with my Pinzgauer!”




Non-Radio – Playing with the Pinzgauer

As we had family and friends visiting, I pulled out our 710M Pinzgauer to do one-on-one rides and driving experiences.

Pinzgauer 710M 4×4 (Ham Shack/Workshop is behind)

The front view, notice the high clearance.

Another side view

Back end looking very “closed up”

Was really hard to not get the truck and people dirty by going off road.

But I had my directions.

It was a bit too cold to roll up the back canvas and expect anyone to enjoy a ride from the troop carrier portion of the truck.  So I did a series of rides, and for a few that seemed eager did a bit of driving instruction.

Sorry the photos are mine taken at the end of the weekend, as the action & people shots are on other’s phones.



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