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Non-Radio: New 2-Wheel Ride – Harley Davidson Pan America Special

Took delivery of a new Harley Davidson Pan America Special. The local dealership got one as their “demo bike” and I bought it before it hit the sales floor.

Break-in started. First 50 miles are low revs (5000 cap), avoiding steady at one setting, and basically a “low stress” hour or so to let all the parts “get to know each other” as they say.

Dealer dropped the bike off yesterday during the work day, so I did the low rev part of the break-in after work.

Wisconsin is at a fine time of year for a quiet ride on backroads. More tractors on the road than cars. The break-in low speed seemed in itself prudent with the young spotted fawns with their mothers in attendance out crossing roads.
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Non-Radio – the Little Citroens – 2CV6 and Dyane

Everybody should have a two-cylinder car, right? Here are some of ours.

Since first driving a Citroen 2CV in Spain while a teenager, I’ve liked these small cars. I drove on all over Germany and surrounds, then have owned a handful since returning stateside.

The pretty car is the XYL’s, and it is a 1983 model that was imported stateside late in 2018. The car is our second car while on Washington Island.

Citroen 2CV6

The red car is an even less common Dyane model from 1969, which is a current project. It is low mileage and mechanically very sound, new interior is in with a bit of trim to complete, and next will be the paint.

Citroen Dyane-6

Both of the cars have 602cc engines, air cooled, and four speed transmissions. Both have aftermarket electronic ignition and are ready to drive coast to coast.

The 2CV6 came to us all pretty, and my work has been limited to fitting the electronic ignition and routine service.

There is a massively inclusive write up of the history of the 2CV series which you can find at

Some other links are: Resources (just a sampling)

Citroenvie – a North American website usually listing a few 2CV models for sale –
French Car Parts West – one of the places I get parts from –
Citroenet – the largest international Citroen information repository –
Burton 2CV – lots of upgrades, restorations, and parts –
International 2cv Friends – a forum all about 2cv cars –



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Non-Radio – 3D printed Medium Format Camera

Decided to return to a bit of conventional Film-Based photography and as I would eventually like to return to developing my own B&W film, I decided to return to the medium format film size, as I found that the larger contact prints of the medium format film substituted for an enlarger in a pinch.

My photography history is both legacy and practical.  One of my grandfathers had a commercial photography studio, and from young on I was sent out with an Argus C-3 with a bulk-loaded cartridge of Kodax Tri-Ex to take pictures.  My films were developed and contact prints made right at the studio, and Grandpa Sig would go over the contact sheets with constructive advice.  We would print off the worthwhile shots, including much darkroom finagling.  Cropping, shading, and every sort of adjustment were part of his lessons.

My the end of elementary school I was developing film in a black bag, and eventually had a mini-darkroom sans enlarger in the basement.
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Non-Radio – More Experimenting with Laser Engraving

Following up on my unsatisfying first attempts – see – I’ve dug deeper into the Wainlux K6 Laser Engraver.

As mentioned in my post a month ago, the machine seemed solid but the software simply sucked.

Support has been elusive, as Wainlux and the company who launched the K6 on Kickstarter for them seemed to have hunkered down rather than address the issues.

After a lot of non-linerar research I found a set of user comments that pointed me in the right direction.  Little things like where to find useful discussions, where to find the latest software, how to make the device do a firmware update and realistic limitations at this stage of software development.


Hold the center button when turning it on to ready for Firmware updating


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Non-Radio – Learning Burning – Laser Engraving First Steps

My Wainlux K6 Hong Kong built Kickstarter unit arrived right before the end of 2020.

Software is a mess. Windows application basically does nothing, but after perseverance I got the iOS app to sort of work from my iPhone.

Directions, videos and FaceBook page are similarly so underdeveloped as to be a step away from useless.

Until the software is stable and full capability, I cannot recommend this unit…but my guess is by Spring there will be a more robust release.

Here is a closeup of the first attempt in action. Audio is unrelated (sorry I hadn’t expected to post the video or to be honest that the thing actually worked for me) but that is just the way things work out sometimes:

Another shorter video showing the whole unit in action:

Here is my first attempt, which didn’t turn out the worst for an unadjusted unit and a neophyte operator.

Wainlux 6 K9ZW First Burn Results

I bought the unit hoping it would arrive in time to do some personalization for Christmas gifts, to learn about laser engraving, and to have fun during our semi-lockdown period. I’m already learning, so that part is all good.

The main website

More once Wainlux or a 3rd Party has the software sorted out.



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Restoring a vintage Polish built Wimshurst Machine

Actually a retired friend is doing the work and I am trying not to get shocked.

Throws a 8-12cm spark easily.

This particular unit is a post WWII soviet educational model, produced in Poland. Best guess is mid-1960s.

The Leyden jars were broken in transit, so these are American replacements.

Can’t even explain the “why” in how I came to buy the then decrepit device from a (formerly East) German dealer or why I wanted to set it right. Guess it just “sparked my interest” some how.