More New K9ZW QSL Cards

More new K9ZW QSL Cards (upper right is a guest card) – Fronts

My remaining three designs arrived from printing, along with a variation made up as a “Guest Operator’s QSL Card” for people operating from my Washington Island neighbor & friend George W9EVT’s station.

These are updates to designs Jeff K1NSS did for me back in the 2014-2015 timeframe, that I never had printed as physical QSL cards. A series of distractions, an anticipated QTH move that would have required rework before printing that didn’t happen in the end, and our actual home QTH move kept putting the project on the back burner.

More new K9ZW QSL Cards (upper right is a guest card) – Backs

The three K9ZW card designs are:

Voice of Steve – a card trying to capture the mystique of operating my classic Collin Radio station. My wife especially likes this card.

Digital Decoder Ring – a card based on a Flex-6700 as a “decoder ring” drawing for that childhood “Drink your Ovaltine” idea. The Flex is a full software defined radio (SDR) where basically most things get reduced to binary 1s and 0s.

Boat Anchor Beach – draws from unusual skipping-stone beach and my friend George W9EVT’s monster boat anchor collection near my Washington Island, Wisconsin, vacation QTH. The operating position is a tick-the-box deal between our QTH at Indian Point, mobile/marine mobile and W9EVT’s Greengate Farm. The other location will let me pick up the short operating periods when we rented other properties on the Island, mostly the operations at Rocky Ridge Farm.

The last design is for W9EVT’s use:

“Guest Operator” card for George W9EVT’s Station – this is a rework of my K9ZW Boat Anchor Beach card in a generic form. I need some of these to QSL when I operate using the Washington Island DX Club call sign WI9DX, and George W9EVT always has cards like this to share with guest operators.

A project like this can easily get a bit spendy. Much of my card design work was already a sunk cost, having been incurred but unused back in 2015. Good graphics design work is worth it, as now I have nice cards that look professional and are truly unique.



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