QDure QSL Service Misfire – That Old Domestic to Domestic Bureau Issue

Eighty Lbs. (36 Kg) of K9ZW Outgoing QSL Cards

Half of this is my fault by being too pumped up about clearing my monstrous backlog of QSL cards with a simple download followed by a PayPal payment.

I never thought through the QDure process, and what happened is all the DX cards went to their appropriate places, but the USA-to-USA domestic cards arrived in bulk at the ARRL Bureau in Newington CT – some 79 pounds (36 kilograms) of bulk cards.

Whoopsie, that isn’t they way the system works at the ARRL

Fortunately Rose-Anne KB1DMW was kind enough to contact me by email, and I have sent a payment to cover FedEx delivery of the bulk cards to my QTH.

I am not certain how many QDure QSL cards are in a 79 lbs stack, but I would guess north of 8000 at least. (I pulled 100 cards and weighed them – there are bit over 10,000 cards in this shipment!)

Ten Lbs. (4.5 Kg) Box of QSL Cards – the other box is 7x this amount

So my next step will be to figure out if these cards are organized in a way I that helps me slowly dispatch them, purge known duplicate cards, and figure out the label, envelop and posting part.

Sounds like a considerable chore ahead to organize, cull out verifiable duplicates, push out envelopes and mail the cards out.

As the cards have all the QSO information already printed on them, my busy work is fractionalized.

It looks like from initial sampling that 2-4% of the cards are DX station cards that need to go back to the ARRL Bureau.

Given the scale of the remaining project, it is time to look into software & hardware options that can reduce the time sink and checkbook drain.  Definitely need to look into ways to reduce the postage, as I really do not relish the idea of buying 100 rolls of stamps at $60/each.

No timeframe yet on completing the task, as until I realized that the cards would end up here I had not allocated time or more budget for the project.

But it will get done – eventually!

[Of course the equal amount of K9ZW to DX station QDure cards were appropriately sent to the respective bureaus, so I am good there!]



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