FlexRadio SmartSDR for iOS adds 4o3a Genius Support

The TGXL 4o3a Tuner Genius and PGXL Power Genius amplifier gained remote control access in the newest release of SmartSDR for iPad, as an in-app purchase.

Something really welcomed happened – SmartSDR for Mac gained user control over both the FlexRadio/4o3a Amplifier and now the Tuner.  (Note only if you are using an iPad at the moment).

Some of this control exists in SmartSDR for Windows, but rather than being gather together as a selectable page, it is spread out in the SmartSDR for Windows GUI.

Here is what the two configuration pages look like:

The TGXL (Tuner) page

The PGXL (Amplifier) page

Like other SmartSDR for Mac tools, the feature is a nominal extra cost in-app purchase (as a write this the extra cost is $10)

Again presently basic controls and settings are implemented, and just for the Tuner and Amplifier on the iPad platform.  I am hoping that more will included down the road, and perhaps the antenna switch would be added.



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