Jeff KE9V issues the full re-release of the Ham Radio Adventure “Cornbread Road”

Today Jeff Davis KE9V released the remaining episodes of Cornbread Road.

Back in 2010 Jeff KE9V posted this teaser for the series:

Deep in the Heartland a small group of ham radio enthusiasts enjoy an idyllic existence of wide open spaces, no antenna restrictions, low-noise levels, simple living, and good fellowship. But things aren’t exactly as they seem. Unexplained lights in the night sky, radio signals masked from the ether, strange late night visitors to this small farming community…

I listened to Cornbread Road when Jeff rolled it out , and wrote when the original 13 episodes were all put online.

I caught the re-release on Jeff KE9V’s Twitter feed –

As Jeff KE9V likes to evolve his online presence, often taking down projects to make way for his next web efforts, shortly after my promo piece Cornbread Road disappeared until 2013, when Jeff KE9V did a first re-release adding a 14th Epilogue episode.

This time he has said the episodes will remain ready to download until September 22nd 2020.

Jeff KE9V said the epilogue will not be re-issued this time, nor has he mentioned if a new epilogue or any additional episodes will appear.

I wrote about the 14 episode 2013 re-release

Just like my 2011 and 2013 posts, I am not going to spoil any bit of the goodness by giving away the plot.  Jeff KE9V did an awesome job recording his story and it is really a treat that he decided to reissue the series.

Here is the original episode list with download links as of August 26th 2020:

Episode #1 Finding Paradise –
Episode #2 The View from on Top –
Episode #3 Secrets at the Anchor –
Episode #4 Midnight in the Desert –
Episode #5 Lazy Days of Summed –
Episode #6 The Heart of the Matter –
Episode #7 Getting on Board –
Episode #8 The X Factor –
Episode #9 Footprints in the Snow –
Episode #10 The Onion Relay –
Episode #11 Revelation –
Episode #12 The Fox Hunt –
Episode #13 The Sad Goodbye –
Episode #14 (epilogue) Return to Paradise Valley – Jeff hasn’t decided to re-release the epilogue this time around.

Narrated as only a master-storyteller can tell a tale, I think you will enjoy Cornbread Road.  Enjoy!



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3 thoughts on “Jeff KE9V issues the full re-release of the Ham Radio Adventure “Cornbread Road”

  1. Ray says:

    I listened to the first few chapters when this first came out. Then Jeff decided he was going to write a book instead. I decide to search for the story today and find out I missed it by a few months. Is there any way you know of to get the chapters now? Thx.

    • k9zw says:

      Jeff KE9V isn’t presenting a public faced source at this time but perhaps if you contact him?

      If you need help contacting him feel free to email me.



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