Early look at the FlexRadio/4o3a Tuner Genius Prototype courtesy 4o3a

Beyond the photo and some general conjectures, I have nothing further to share, in respect to not being on the inside of this product’s development nor knowing anything that FRS said could be shared. 

On Facebook 4o3a shared a photo of a Tuner Genius prototype:

4o3a Tuner Genius Prototype on test bench

What I would share is a guess on my part:

As FRS and 4o3a have suggested that the Tuner Genius will likely come in several versions, do not expect that the fullest featured version is either shown in the picture or will be offered as the “premium” for the early adopter Power Genius Amp (PGXL) purchasers who are owed a tuner.

I can speak what I might do, as FRS has not spoken about what their plans are either in public or private, as I would offer the Tuner Genius in a no-faceplate version as an add-on to the PGXL amp, a stand-alone with faceplate version like the photo shows and a remote version where the matching circuit would be located at the tower base/antenna.  I would also offer a dual-version where several Tuner Geniuses could be slaved to each other to allow very rapid deployment.

To the PGXL early adopters would be offered the no-faceplate add-on version, with the option to buy-up to any of the more involved configurations.

But again that is my off the cuff idea and my only skin in the game is as an PGXL early adopter.




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