Cornbread Road – A KE9V Audio Amateur Radio Novel Fully On-Line

Jeff KE9V has released all 13 episodes of “Cornbread Road” his audio Amateur Radio Novel.

I’d heard the first 6-7 episodes earlier and can highly recommend his work.

From Jeff KE9V’s website:

Cornbread Road

Life seems tranquil and easy in the farmlands of East Central Indiana. The weather is good, the rain is plentiful and the Earth seems pleased to yield its goodness in acre after acre of corn and beans. It’s an ideal location for a radio amateur – flat land, wide open spaces and no antenna restrictions for hundreds of square miles.

But things aren’t quite what they seem just outside the limits of Paradise Valley on a slab of blacktop known to the locals as Cornbread Road.

The mystery unfolds in thirteen episodic adventures and it’s not like any other ham radio podcast you’ve ever heard…

Subscribe to the podcast feed: or download individual episodes (MP3) below [links are live at Jeff site]:

Episode #1 – Finding Paradise [10min 35sec]
Episode #2 – The View From on Top [11min 24sec]
Episode #3 – Secrets at the Anchor [14min 8sec]
Episode #4 – Midnight in the Desert [11min 33sec]
Episode #5 – Lazy Days of Summer [15min 27sec]
Episode #6 – The Heart of the Matter [11min 0sec]
Episode #7 – Getting On Board [10min 12sec]
Episode #8 – The X Factor [9min 42sec]
Episode #9 – Footprints in the Snow [11min 03sec]
Episode #10 – The Onion Relay [10min 15sec]
Episode #11 – Revelation [13min 26sec]
Episode #12 – Fox Hunt [14min 15sec]
Episode #13 – The Sad Goodbye [12min 04sec]

Here’s a little more about this audio program.

via Cornbread Road |   Ed. 13th Sept 2011 ALSO URL As Jeff has started updating his webpage.

My iPod is just downloading the whole lot, and I will be giving the series a listen this week!

Enjoy and 73


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