The Quiet Amateur

Like so many hobbies, occupations and pursuits that can interest a person, Amateur Radio attracts a wide range of personalities.

Very fortunately the good folk seem to outnumber the crusty & less trusty. Perhaps it is that a positive effort is needed to obtain an FCC license, learn what is needed to put together a station and get on the air. This is of course multiplied when the amateur’s interest is a bit more serious than an HT alone, but even spending time with an HT on the local repeater is something special that can bring out a better side in people.

Reflecting back on those “ready Elmers” who were willing to take time to share what they had learned about our hobby, and to constructively offer advice when my efforts were a bit off mark, one can only be every grateful for their kindness & wisdom.

Regularly I hear from one friend who almost never writes about himself in terms of Amateur Radio, but always about what his local group has done, or what help they were able to give another amateur. Good stuff that!

Perhaps we each could ask ourselves, “Have I been a good Elmer often enough?”




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