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Upcoming Product – DEM V/U XVERTER -VHF/UHF Multiband Transverter

Down East Microwave has announced a 5 band transverter which appears to be idea for use with a Flex-6700/6600 transceiver.

Description given is:

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Thinking Ahead – Common Mistakes in Viewing Potential Issues with Emcomm/EmGov Entanglement

Another in the Thinking Ahead series started at

Our hobby when cast in the mold of Emcom/EmGov has taken on the mantel of the served-agency while losing it Amateur Radio footing.

Most hams fail to get a good clear idea of what their entanglement with Emcom/EmGov means to them personally, parting though:

  • Flattering Platitudes
  • Cultivated Misunderstandings
  • Overtly Intentional False Information
  • The Self-Serving of the Emcom/EmGov “Industry”

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Thinking Ahead – Should you have unexposed radio capabilities as an Amateur Radio Operator

Carry on from the series started in Thinking Ahead – “Should you have unexposed radio capabilities as an Amateur Radio Operator?” is an important question.

Having covered the inventory and lists fetish of organizations, the radio amateur needs to be aware that the lists in bad actor’s hands could be used to deny them the ability to use their communication skills.

A bad actor may come for your radios in the physical sense or surveil the amateur for operations.

Even a normally good actor may be induced to perform bad actor functions through the “Intersections of Lists” analysis or through “red flag” rules.

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Alpha 4040 Automatic Antenna Tuner, Kessler AT-AUTO, and 4o3a Tuner Genius – A Group of Stillborn Projects?

Alpha 4040 QRO Antenna Tuner Rendition (Exterior)

Alpha 4040 QRO Antenna Tuner Rendition (Exterior)

The original Alpha was working on a new Mega-Antenna Tuner, and the various successor owners of the Alpha IP (Intellectual Property) have occasionally mentioned the tuner online, but it has been years since any updates or a prototype was shown.  Last update in 2017 said the unit’s development was too immature to make it to even Beta-Testing.

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Thinking Ahead – Mitigation of cell phone surveillance and online tracking and when you can use them to advantage as an Amateur Radio Operator

Continuing the series started at i’d like to briefly touch on some items that track you that you might not have thought about.

As radio amateurs we have the idea of RDF (Radio Direction Finding) as a recreational part of our hobby through Fox Hunting.  If you need to get up to speed on Fox Hunting check out the ARRL’s index page of articles at

There are other transmitters and transponders we have in our lives that you should be aware of, and manage their impact on your OPSEC & PERSEC.
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Getting confused when a Maestro Operator hasn’t read the manual

At the FlexRadio Community forums often posts are placed by users who may have glossed-over the user manuals, and because the community is  not curated inaccuracies persist with sometimes humoresque results.

In a recent post about the Maestro the poster missed the part that you need to ADD add battery of your choice to operate more than a a brief moment disconnected from the mains power.  The question also confused the differences in internal battery management between the two versions of the Maestro.

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