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Cornbread Road Audio Series by KE9V – Returns with a new Epilogue Episode

Jeff KE9V a few years ago did an awesome ham-novel in audio form – Cornbread Row.

It hasn’t always been easily available, and Jeff KE9V has again posted it on his every evolving website, complete with a new Epilogue episode.

Cornbread Road

This ham radio audio mystery series first hit the Web in 2010. Told in thirteen episodes, with one released each week from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox. Raymond, Eldon and the boys on the farm captured the imagination of radio amateurs around the world.

Now it appears again, as it has every year. The story includes all of the original episodes. And this time, there’s a brand new episode at the very end to catch you up on everything that’s been going on out at Ray’s place since our last visit.

Life is good out in the country. Especially for radio hobbyists. Wide open spaces with no antenna restrictions and the DX flows fast and easy. But don’t let the lazy dogs and idyllic view from the pond fool you. There’s a lot going on out at Ray’s place and dark clouds swirl just beyond the horizon. Events from a long ago war are converging on the new world and for some reason, it’s all happening on Cornbread Road.

You’ve never heard a ham radio podcast like this one. Listen to them in order. And don’t forget to tell your friends.

    Week #1 Finding Paradise [download mp3]
    Week #2 The View from on Top [download mp3]
    Week #3 Secrets at the Anchor [download mp3]
    Week #4 Midnight in the Desert [download mp3]
    Week #5 Lazy Days of Summer [download mp3]
    Week #6 The Heart of the Matter [download mp3]
    Week #7 Getting on Board [download mp3]
    Week #8 The X Factor [download mp3]
    Week #9 Footprints in the Snow [download mp3]
    Week #10 The Onion Relay [download mp3]
    Week #11 Revelation [download mp3]
    Week #12 The Fox Hunt [download mp3]
    Week #13 The Sad Goodbye [download mp3]
    Epilogue Return to Paradise Valley [download mp3]

Download all the MP3’s at LINK –  Cornbread Road | KE9V.



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KE9V’s Cornbread Row Audio Ham Mystery Available (Briefly)

Jeff KE9V did a really neat audio ham radio novel “Cornbread Row” which is up & down in terms of availability.

He has reissued it and for a few weeks will have it for download.

Cornbread Road originally debuted on the 21st of June, 2010. Thirteen audio episodes released one week at a time – from the Summer solstice to the Autumnal equinox. And now, it’s back for a final run. Thirteen audio episodes, one released each week – from the solstice to the equinox. It’s a ham radio mystery unlike any other and if you didn’t catch it the first time around, this might be your final chance. **This archive will be deleted on September 29, 2012.**

LINK IS http://ke9v.net

No Idea why it needs to come down in a few weeks, but if you enjoy a good story grab it while you can!



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Cornbread Road – A KE9V Audio Amateur Radio Novel Fully On-Line

Jeff KE9V has released all 13 episodes of “Cornbread Road” his audio Amateur Radio Novel.

I’d heard the first 6-7 episodes earlier and can highly recommend his work.

From Jeff KE9V’s website:

Cornbread Road

Life seems tranquil and easy in the farmlands of East Central Indiana. The weather is good, the rain is plentiful and the Earth seems pleased to yield its goodness in acre after acre of corn and beans. It’s an ideal location for a radio amateur – flat land, wide open spaces and no antenna restrictions for hundreds of square miles.

But things aren’t quite what they seem just outside the limits of Paradise Valley on a slab of blacktop known to the locals as Cornbread Road.

The mystery unfolds in thirteen episodic adventures and it’s not like any other ham radio podcast you’ve ever heard…

Subscribe to the podcast feed: http://ke9v.net/podcast.xml or download individual episodes (MP3) below [links are live at Jeff site]:

Episode #1 – Finding Paradise [10min 35sec]
Episode #2 – The View From on Top [11min 24sec]
Episode #3 – Secrets at the Anchor [14min 8sec]
Episode #4 – Midnight in the Desert [11min 33sec]
Episode #5 – Lazy Days of Summer [15min 27sec]
Episode #6 – The Heart of the Matter [11min 0sec]
Episode #7 – Getting On Board [10min 12sec]
Episode #8 – The X Factor [9min 42sec]
Episode #9 – Footprints in the Snow [11min 03sec]
Episode #10 – The Onion Relay [10min 15sec]
Episode #11 – Revelation [13min 26sec]
Episode #12 – Fox Hunt [14min 15sec]
Episode #13 – The Sad Goodbye [12min 04sec]

Here’s a little more about this audio program.

via Cornbread Road | KE9V.net.   Ed. 13th Sept 2011 ALSO URL http://ke9v.net/ As Jeff has started updating his webpage.

My iPod is just downloading the whole lot, and I will be giving the series a listen this week!

Enjoy and 73


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Update – Early Spring Cleaning at Jeff KE9V’s Blog

Wondering where Smoke Curls, Cornbread Row, Long Delayed Echos… and the other Jeff KE9V Blogs & Projects are at?

Jeff KE9V posted this update today:

Jeff Davis, KE9V

Reports of my abduction by aliens are erroneous.
And Im not even dead.
Not yet anyway.

As you may have noticed by the cobwebs on the site, the moving truck has been here and the place has been cleaned out including the blog.
Yes, again and for the umpteenth time.

Theres something about the daily grind that wears on a fellow and after almost an entire decade of blogging about this, that, and the other things – it was simply time to give it a rest.

Earlier this year I spent some time putting together a list of things Id really like to do online and, funny thing, blogging wasnt anywhere to be found on that list.
I want to create more audio content – like Cornbread Road and Long Delayed Echoes.
And Id like to try my hand at producing some video content too.
There are at least three or four ham radio books rolling around in my head and Id like to get those words into the processor before I forget them.
And Id really like to get back to the workbench and back on the air.

With so much to do, who has time for blogging?

You will be hearing from me again soon.

de Jeff, KE9V

Page last updated Thu, 10 Mar 2011

(FUTURE) Content via URL LINK Jeff Davis, KE9V.

Jeff has erased the whole blackboard, whited-out the canvas, of his web projects numerous times. That is a subtle reminder folks that if you like something you read on the net, and would find it useful to reference in the future, consider making some note/eNotes – maybe a copy.

Wishing Jeff KE9V the best on his latest restructuring!



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Cornbread Road – Jeff KE9V’s work – a different kind of ham radio podcast…


This Podcast Series has gone commercial as of a Sept. 13th 2010 Announcement:

….weeks ago I was contacted by a publisher who was interested in purchasing the rights to the Cornbread Road story. During this brief negotiation, I halted uploading new episodes of the audio program. This weekend I agreed to sell the story and have pulled the podcast from the site. I apologize to those who have become regular listeners but this was a unique situation and opportunity. Cornbread Road – the book – will be available in softcover and as an audio book (Audible.com) sometime in 2011……

Our Radio Friend Jeff KE9V has started a new Podcast Series. Jeff KE9V is a master story teller, and while I won’t pretend that Jeff doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with my take on things like politics or economics, I can tell you he is simply a master at spinning a yarn.

Today he launched his premier Podcast Episode of “Cornbread Row” leaving me already hooked.

Download and sit back, maybe with one of Jeff’s “Honkin’ Great Cups of Heartland Coffee” and enjoy!

Recommended for friends, as they say!



Deep in the Heartland a small group of ham radio enthusiasts enjoy an idyllic existence of wide open spaces, no antenna restrictions, low-noise levels, simple living, and good fellowship. But things aren’t exactly as they seem. Unexplained lights in the night sky, radio signals masked from the ether, strange late night visitors to this small farming community…

LINK http://ke9v.net/

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