Cornbread Road Audio Series by KE9V – Returns with a new Epilogue Episode

Jeff KE9V a few years ago did an awesome ham-novel in audio form – Cornbread Row.

It hasn’t always been easily available, and Jeff KE9V has again posted it on his every evolving website, complete with a new Epilogue episode.

Cornbread Road

This ham radio audio mystery series first hit the Web in 2010. Told in thirteen episodes, with one released each week from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox. Raymond, Eldon and the boys on the farm captured the imagination of radio amateurs around the world.

Now it appears again, as it has every year. The story includes all of the original episodes. And this time, there’s a brand new episode at the very end to catch you up on everything that’s been going on out at Ray’s place since our last visit.

Life is good out in the country. Especially for radio hobbyists. Wide open spaces with no antenna restrictions and the DX flows fast and easy. But don’t let the lazy dogs and idyllic view from the pond fool you. There’s a lot going on out at Ray’s place and dark clouds swirl just beyond the horizon. Events from a long ago war are converging on the new world and for some reason, it’s all happening on Cornbread Road.

You’ve never heard a ham radio podcast like this one. Listen to them in order. And don’t forget to tell your friends.

    Week #1 Finding Paradise [download mp3]
    Week #2 The View from on Top [download mp3]
    Week #3 Secrets at the Anchor [download mp3]
    Week #4 Midnight in the Desert [download mp3]
    Week #5 Lazy Days of Summer [download mp3]
    Week #6 The Heart of the Matter [download mp3]
    Week #7 Getting on Board [download mp3]
    Week #8 The X Factor [download mp3]
    Week #9 Footprints in the Snow [download mp3]
    Week #10 The Onion Relay [download mp3]
    Week #11 Revelation [download mp3]
    Week #12 The Fox Hunt [download mp3]
    Week #13 The Sad Goodbye [download mp3]
    Epilogue Return to Paradise Valley [download mp3]

Download all the MP3’s at LINK –  Cornbread Road | KE9V.



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2 thoughts on “Cornbread Road Audio Series by KE9V – Returns with a new Epilogue Episode

  1. […] It is uncertain whether the epilogue will be re-issued this time, or if a new epilogue or additional episodes will appear (I’ve asked).  I wrote about the 14 episode 2013 re-release… […]

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