Non-Radio – Where the Road Stops

Memorial Day 2022 I drove the Pinzgauer 710M up to Washington Island to participated in an Island charity event.

The ride out to the island was on Washington Island Ferry Line’s Madonna, their newest, fastest, biggest and “bestest” ferry!

K9ZW’s Pinzgauer 710M on the Island Ferry (Madonna) leaving the mainland

During the weekend drove over to Jackson Harbor, which is truly the “End of the Road” in Door County Wisconsin, but first needed to stop my the K9ZW Island retreat.

The 710M at K9ZW’s weekend retreat on Washington Island

The official roads end at the Rock Island ferry, which is a passenger-only ferry as vehicles are not allowed in the Rock Island State Park.

The 710M at Jackson Harbor, which truly is the “End of the Road” in Door County. The Island in the Distance is Rock Island, State Park, where no private cars are allowed.

Rock Island is also the end of Wisconsin, as the much further distant islands are part of Michigan.

So I can now say “I have been to the end of the road and back, with my Pinzgauer!”




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