The K9ZW Station Notes WordPress Raspberry Pi in place

Following on my post (make sure you read the comments if you want to do a project like this) at: and

Once I’d replaced the boot SD Card with a very inexpensive SSD drive and SATA to USB adapter, my WordPress Raspberry Pi is “in production.”  I repurposed a Raspberry Pi 4B for the project.

As it is running headless (no direct attached display, keyboard or mouse) as a sort of ultra minimalistic server, it would have been wasteful to have used the Raspberry Pi 400 all-but-monitor-in-one Pi I originally purchased for the project.

Here is what the setup looks like:


Raspberry Pi 4 with the external SSD and adapter

The WordPress is available to all the home network as a local resource and renders quite well despite minimal resources.  Here is what the early theme looked like from a couple random devices.

WordPress instance as opened from another Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi WordPress instance opened from an Ubuntu Mint Linux MintBox

The Raspberry Pi 400 is at the main house, and has been used to do some of the data entry.

I’m tweaking the theme making sure the configuration also renders well on phones/mobile devices.  Think I’ve settled on a theme that will stick, but need to hammer at it a bit more.  Will post a few shots of the long term theme configuration once I am sure I have it selected.

This Pi’s backup routines need to be finished, as I want the WordPress data sent to a different NAS automatically on a schedule.

Again a nod of appreciation to Winston KC9FVR for helping throughout the project.



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