Software Defined Radio (SDR) goes HT

Software Defined Radio (SDR) goes HT, albeit for the Government:

Over a year ago:

Thales Communications announced its Liberty™ Multiband Land Mobile Radio (LMR), the first multiband, software-defined LMR for government agencies and first responders. With coverage across all of the public safety bands (136-174 MHz, 380-520 MHz, 700 MHz, and 800 MHz), Federal, State, Local, and U.S. Department of Defense agencies can now communicate using a single portable radio that operates in direct mode or uses existing infrastructure in any of the bands.

The first multiband LMR to be put in the hands of users, the Liberty radio is currently undergoing operational evaluation and is in use by multiple public service agencies in large major metropolitan areas, by statewide public service agencies, and at federal labs. It has also been in service at the Presidential Inauguration, Academy Awards, and several live burns.

Understand that the deployment units are now out there and in extensive trials.



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4 thoughts on “Software Defined Radio (SDR) goes HT

  1. Elmer PH5E says:

    As a non-native speaker, I’d like to know what HT stands for…

  2. KD0VNN says:

    Formally, in the USA, HT stands for ‘Handheld Transciever’

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