Guest Post – Paul AE5JU on Anderson Powerpoles

Paul AE5JU gave a presentation to his local radio club, BEARS, at their August 12th 2009 Meeting and has offered the material as a blog post from the Wednesday presentation:

Tonight I will be showing how to install and use Anderson PowerPole connectors. These are considered “the standard” power connector for ARES/RACES and allow interconnectability of power supplies, batteries, cables, etc. If assembled correctly there is no way the user can plug something in backwards and let the magic smoke escape from his radio gear.

While some may disagree on using the PowerPoles as a standard, I think we would agree that interconnectability is a good thing, and there has to be some standard… and it might as well be PowerPoles.

This is so easy even… uh, hams can do it.

This is a page of links and other information about the items I will be talking about tonight. Consider this email my “handouts” for the presentation.

Buy Anderson PowerPoles and related items at

Anderson Powerpoles

The 30 Amp type will interchange with 15 and 45 amp types. I suggest buying the 30 amp type to cover most of your needs.

On the West Mountain page you can also order red/black zip cord in various gauges.

How to install PowerPoles: (scroll down to find the PowerPole Connector General Installation Tips)

Ready made cables/adapters

West Mountain Radio Rigrunner Power Strips
Note, you can buy the Rigrunner Power Strips alone, or with pkg of PowerPoles

Crimper for 15/20/45 amp Powerpoles

This is the most expensive ones are 39.99, but this one does a fine job on the 15 and 30 amp sizes for just $12.99 $15.99 (updated price as of Dec 22nd, 2012): (Updated URL as of Dec 22nd, 2012)

Other power cables and plugs for many ham radios:

For example, the plugs on top left, top right on that page fit many common 2 meter/mobile rigs.

The cable on the bottom left column fits both my Yaesu FT-897 and Icom 718.

Paul – AE5JU

Paul demonstrated installation of PowerPoles including his crimp, solder and heatshrink enhanced application.

Hope that these notes and links are of use in your work with PowerPoles.



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2 thoughts on “Guest Post – Paul AE5JU on Anderson Powerpoles

  1. Doug K7IP says:

    Timely post…I’m just finishing up converting EVERYTHING in my shack that runs on DC to PowerPoles. It’s too bad the rig manufacturers don’t standardize on them for chassis mounted connections as well. I consider the conversion the best thing I’ve done to clean up and make operation easier in at least 10 years.

  2. Paul, AE5JU says:

    I passed around parts, and installed a pair on some red/black zip cord. We had a couple of new hams, so they got to learn how to solder and use heat shrink, too.

    Between the PowerPoles and the West Mountain RigRunner, it has sure cleaned up the my wiring, too.

    It is possible to buy PowerPoles in other colors, and also to configure 2, 3, 4 contacts for special purposes. Also, you can rotate the pieces in such a way as to make a unique plug/socket that will prevent other items from being plugged in.

    Quite a good product.

    Glad you found the article useful.

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