QSLs, QSLs, & QSLs – Trying to Organize the QSL Card Collection

Have been working at figuring out a way to handle organization of the QSL Card Collection.  

Though a rather modest problem right now with all the cards fitting into a few shoeboxes, if I get this right now it will provide a basis for system to use for years. 

This is one of the areas I’d really appreciate suggestions on.  

I’ve identified a few goals:

  • Organize the Cards so I can pull those needed for Awards & Award Upgrades
  • Allow expandability for the steady influx of new cards.
  • Identify which QSLs/QSOs were used for various awards.
  • Not be too upset if I pull a couple hundred cards for a picture-book binder to show examples of the best QSL designs.
  • Better track if I had sent a QSL and by which system & route.


Sounds easy, but so far I’ve experimented with various systems that have let me down.  

I have to confess that I am not a clerical sort by nature, and that I find it easier to stack up the incoming cards & ignore them so I can get back to the rig and operate.

I also have most QSOs uploaded into eQSL (figure it is a nice backup) and have about another 1000 to 1500 QSOs to upload to LoTW before I am caught up that way.

Suggestions?  What has worked for you?



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2 thoughts on “QSLs, QSLs, & QSLs – Trying to Organize the QSL Card Collection

  1. KI4WLR says:

    I am just getting started in this area and I was trying to figure out the same thing really. I have decided to make all mine into digital form, then post them under specific galleries for each topic, qsl cards, or contests or whatever.

    That was just my digital plan for my paper receipts… now what I do with the paper is another story. Probably organize it in the same way in different folders and files.

    Thanks for the post.

    73, KI4WLR

  2. […] tries to solve the age old question of the best way to organize QSL cards with his latest post. I’m curious to see how others keep their cards organized. I don’t have a ton of cards […]

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