Hamshack Utility Vehicle

1964 Studebaker Champ Pickup

Found an old pickup to serve as the Hamshack Utility vehicle.

We actually as my hamshack is in my workshop, this is more about having a way move stuff that shouldn’t be inside my SUV.

Things like getting gasoline or refilling LP tanks, or runs for parts.

This one is a 1964 Studebaker Champ 8E7 pickup, with the 4.7L V8 engine driving a three speed plus overdrive.

The 4.7L V8 makes the grunt & go

Simple interior. Hanging Pedals are a late production feature.

It is smaller than a current full size pickup, with a normal bed height.

Built towards the end of Studebaker’s existence, the cab was an adaptation of the Studebaker Lark Sedan body and the nice sized bed was built on repurposed Dodge tooling Studebaker had bought used.

Looks like a Lark from the font – because it is basically a Lark on a truck frame.

Big Studebaker Box made on Used Dodge Tooling

Thinking that a 2m rig would really be needed for a hamshack truck, though I am loath to cut into this truck for an install.

How many radios and antennas can you carry in this box?!

Maybe just a handheld for the time being.



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3 thoughts on “Hamshack Utility Vehicle

  1. Kuby, N6JSX/8 [50yrs a HAM] says:

    This PU should survive an EMI burst (having NO computer/electronics chips) to run it.

    Ya need to rethink the rig thou – suggest FT-991 or IC-7000 all-mode/all-band that has 2m & 70cm. Then setup HF-HAMsticks (smallest antenna foot print) with a dedicated dual-band VHF/UHF and ya got it whipped. If you add a shell you can string bungee cords across the inside roof to hold more HAMsticks or fishing poles.

    I’d not mare this classic! Put the antennas on a removable shell. And with a bench seat there is plenty of room under the dash for the bigger 991 rig. Ya going to find an old 8-track too?

    If you truly are going to make this a carrier vehicle – invest in a slide in/out PU bed box liner so the bed does not get marred!

    • k9zw says:

      Thinking that the longest run might be no further than 20 minutes into town, I am wondering if the 8-track would be the highest ROI?

      Not like 2m gets used much around here as it is. Just more the principle of having a Shack Pickup means you got to have a radio.

      Like the idea on the bed insert.



  2. Kuby, N6JSX/8 [Ham for 50yrs] says:

    If you want authenticity then a Johnson Messenger-1 CB might be in order (jump out the limiting resistor at the SO239 and double the output Wattage). Of course with an 11m HAMstick & FT991/IC7K w/MARS you can dial in 27.015[9] or 27.075[19] AM. (FT991 has a Tuner – hint hint)

    I’d make customize hood attached antenna mounting brackets attached to the hood hinges and coming out towards the windshield – so when removed they never leave a trace of ever being attached to the PU. Plus the added benefit of short thru firewall coax run.

    The problem with 8-tracks were the tapes eventually wound tight=useless. Today, good ones will be hard/expensive to find.

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