The things we do to get a tower in

At our new QTH we’ve been hard at work – actually a whole team has been hard at work – getting the site ready for the first tower.

First a tower site had to be selected.  Topography, trees, and access were special considerations.  Vern K9EME has been hard at work cutting down unneeded trees once the site was picked, and processing the felled trees into firewood.

Several old culverts under the extensive service roads were dug out and replaced.

About four acres of a white pine stand were trimmed, massively encroaching vines cut out and underbrush cleared.  The debris from this part of the project alone filled the equivalent of two-dozen semi-trailers, one-third which was mulched on site and two-thirds hauled away for public use as mulch.  A four man crew was at this work about a week.

Two new road-access culverts went in once permits were in hand, and one got a new road to it from the existing service road structure.  Both accesses are getting new steel gates for access control.

All of the existing service roads were rebuilt.  As last count some 30 loads of rock, pit-run, road gravel, and chippings have been hauled in.


Pit Run over the old fallow road bed which has 7 to 9 inches of gravel already.


Road gravel goes over the pit run.  Notice the geotechnical fabric being used to reinforce the road I n soft areas.


Stone chippings cover the road gravel as the final surface. The chipping pack creating a surface more like tarmac.

From the nearest service road a road has been cut in to the the new tower site to allow equipment, concrete and the tower to get to the new tower location.

Underground fiber was run earlier to the new ham shack building, and I’ve posted before about the bathroom added in the new ham shack.

The parking at the new ham shack has been resurfaced with chippings and expanded to allow visitors.

In digging for new culverts one of the water springs on the property was found, which I personally find really neat.

I am VERY appreciative of all the efforts the team has been putting in getting the site ready.  Only one, Vern K9EME is a ham.  Several of the guys are absolute wizards operating equipment.

Getting closer to the next step of putting in the base.

Additionally a 80m to 10m vertical (aka Flag Pole) is going in the meadow by the fruit trees.

Lots more to go…!



One thought on “The things we do to get a tower in

  1. w4kaz says:

    That sure sounds like an exciting project. Looks like a nice bit of land too. Not sure why its been so long since I dropped into your blog. Been a long couple of years of late. Just dropped by to say thanks for your reading list on Goodreads. I pick up a lot of ideas of interest over there. 73 de w4kaz

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