Varnish and Vistage

Been busy working on the radio room and workshop.

the expansion area received a couple of coats of polyurethane this weekend.

First coat going down

Less about pretty and more about durability. Should make the floor much easier to sweep and clean as well.

Did the two rooms this weekend that will have all the woodworking equipment. The rest will get coated in a couple weekends.

With the smell of the coating making the radio room and workshop inhospitable my weekend radio operations moved into the main house via Maestro remote.

Operating from the Snug

We call this room “The Snug” after similar areas in old British pubs. The views are great and the fire makes it cosy.

Haven’t made all that many contacts given the time spent finishing floors and other weekend household chores. Since I’m paper logging less contacts is okay rather than facing a big chore to put the logs online.  I really should drag out a laptop and put QSOs in the electronic logs right away.



One thought on “Varnish and Vistage

  1. Jeff Davis, KE9V says:

    Great view from “the Snug”!

    73 de Jeff, KE9V

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