Software that Works for K9ZW – MixW Digital & Logging Package

Developed onver a 15 year period by Nick Fedoseev UT2UZ and later with Denis Nechitailov UU9JDR, MixW is a Digital Mode, CAT, Rotor Control, Logging, Digital Contesting program with a world wide following.

I’ve been using MixW for several years and have added to the basic MixW several additional modes, macros and Icons.  It also exchanges data with the N4PY CAT software package I run.

MixW in Action

Modes supported:

  • SSB
  • CW
  • AM
  • QPSK
  • FSK31
  • RTTY any speed any shift
  • Packet (VHF) & (UHF)
  • Pactor RX
  • MFSK/Graphics Color/BW
  • Olivia
  • Contestia
  • Throb
  • MT63
  • Hellschreiber
  • FAX
  • SSTV
  • Normal Logging
  • Contest Logging
  • CD/ROM Callbook


MixW Main Website

MixW USA Dealer’s Website (via Jim Jaff WA2VOS)

MixW Reviews at eHam

MixW Yahoo Group

I’ve had the pleasure of working Nick UT2UZ while using his software! (I’ve also worked Jim WA2VOS the USA dealer as well!)

A great package!  Check it out!



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4 thoughts on “Software that Works for K9ZW – MixW Digital & Logging Package

  1. David, K2DBK says:

    Hey, Steve, you stole my “software tools” idea! :-) ( and other parts)

    Actually, I’m really happy to see someone else doing the same thing. The idea behind my posting was to talk about stuff that works for me. As I commented, there may be things that will work better for you (and maybe even for me too, if I knew about them).

  2. k9zw says:

    Hi David K2DBK

    Your series is great – I’ve been looking at them as they come out.

    The station is here has been pretty simple, but will be getting more complex in the new year.

    Expect some posts about the additional software being implimented in the K9ZW shack!



  3. David, K2DBK says:

    Thanks for the kind words Steve. I had a lot of fun doing that series. I just posted the fourth, (and last, at least for now) of the “tools” posts.

    One of the comments I made was that I’d like to hear about what others have found useful, so it was great to see that you’re already doing that. I’ll be looking forward to learning what’s in your toolbox.

  4. […] Software that Works for K9ZW – MixW Digital & Logging Package  […]

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