Flex-6700 Fantasies – “Dreaming What Might Be!” Series – Thin Client Impact

What will Thin Client mean to the new Flex-6000 series?

This is huge – no longer will the PC be a vital part of the Flex-Radio.  It will – to be certain – control the radio and provide an I/O path for the radio (notice I say “an” not “the only”).  It will do most of the HUI (Human User Interface) for most of us.

But call this picking low hanging fruit, it is a easy prediction that pushing 100% of the actual radio back into the hardware box will allow:

  • Use of Window AND non-Windows control devices – you will  also be able to use your Mac, iPad, Android Tablet and other reasonably capable net-able devices to control your Flex-6000 Series Radio.
  • I/O options for audio or digital signals with the Flex-6000 Series will have a lot more choices, including direct with that same control device, or via VoIP in its variations, or even dedicated wiring.  A special net-ready device might be appropriate to handle I/O duties separate from the control device.
  • Legacy/Orphan connectivity issues disappear (or go “long”).  The present Firewire (and higher speed  version USB in the case of Flex-1500) interfaces eventually could have issues if Firewire or USB starts to fade.  As long as we still hook to the greater network with Ethernet, or have legacy techniques to hook Ethernet to whatever comes next, the Flex-6000 Series should be viable.
  • Headless or VM-Headed configurations are possible.  A Flex-6000 could be setup & set running and perhaps the control software disconnected (or partially disconnected) or the control software could be running on a VM (Virtual Machine) somewhere in the “Cloud.”

I’ll leave the possibilities of a slightly “less thin” thin client controlling more than one Flex-6000 for a later thought.





First post of this series Flex-6700 Fantasies – “Dreaming What Might Be!” Series

Planning in a few weeks to have another first hand look at the Flex-Radio Flex-6000 series radios at the W9DXCC Convention in Illinois.

Flex-Radio Flex-6000 Series

Flex-Radio Flex-6000 Series

……one can imagine, dream and scheme can’t one?

Reading the Flex-Radio literature, Insider newsletters and reflectors there is one massive amount of promise to this new radio an architecture!

I’d like to touch on a few items that have caught my eye, and what I imagine they might offer for the future of amateur radio.

Be absolutely certain I am speculating, I have no extra insight or sources (nor would I betray information given to me in confidence) and I am doing analysis based on what it out there.  I’m going to have fun speculating what might be.

Putting some guesses and construction to the pieces of information over the next few weeks, we’ll see if I guess right on anything announced at the W9DXCC or later when radios ship.

I’ll try to get a thought out every few days in the lead-up to the W9DXCC Convention and then an assessment in the week or so directly after the event.

I’ll link them to this “Flex-6700 Fantasies – “Dreaming What Might Be!” Series” starter and again in the wrap up.



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