REPOST: Freecom, our Real Communications Friend in Time of Emergency?

REPOST from Feb. 2nd, 2009

When the chips are down, and full Emcomm is running, how will “we, the people” maintain communications?

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FlexRadio Community web host Problems

Hardware problems requiring replacement servers to be brought online.  Seems all sorted out.  

Appears that “Get Satisfaction” back end engine for the FlexRadio Community has internet problems.

Don’t know the reason(s) as reports suggest Get Satisfaction other communities are also affected.

Some topics briefly work then are redirected to page-not-found type errors.

Things will sort out. Perhaps it is just more time to be on the air!



Hamvention 2019 – What new happened?

Between work and the endless process of settling in after moving house, I couldn’t schedule attending Hamvention 2019. So what I’ve reporting is what I’ve gathered from friends who did attend.

The conjectures and ponderings are my own though.

Outside the Flea Market is down 8.5% from the number of vendors in 2018, and down to a bit over 2/3rds of the vendors is 2016).

Inside over 200 vendors appeared, but that again is a 4% drop in commercial vendors from 2018, and a 19% drop from 2016):

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The True Power of multiFlex SmartSDR

There is an excellent explanation of the true power of Multiflex by Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR, at the 2019 Hamvention here:

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What does an Amateur Radio Rating or Review really mean?

What does an Amateur Radio Rating or Review really mean?

The annual pre-Hamvention “who is rated highest” games has started it 2019 round with yet another new rig be trumpeted as “the bee’s knees.”

As I write this radio hasn’t been on the market for a month, but the campaign is lauding the rig as so exceptional that you just have to buy one. (The FCC approval for one version was achieved April 12th 2019 despite a Hamvention 2018 May debut, and the higher power version is still waiting for FCC approval.)

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FlexRadio Systems Announced SmartSDR 2.5 and a SmartSDR 3.0 Update at Dayton 2019

The announcement was made at the Banquet Dinner Thursday evening.

Photo of the PowerPoint slide was shared with me.

v2.5 and v3.0.x slide

As a reminder v2 licensed radios are eligible to update to v2.5 at no additional cost.

Likewise v3 licensed radios are eligible to update to the newest v3.0.x with no additional cost, and technically are eligible to use v2.5 as well.

Release date is promised for [soon after] Monday May 20th.