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Random Comments Good Books, Good Focus and Good Vibrations

Another mix & match batch of ideas. Perhaps these come from having many things afloat & in my attention at the moment.

On the Good Books side of things, I do continue to post most of my reading at GoodReads – LINK URL http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/2272032 It must be a personal admission that I “consume books” finding them the most cost & time effective way to gain knowledge, travel vicariously, and share the artistry of the Novelist & Poet.

I’ve been privileged to recently read several books penned by authors who I either know from school, know through shared family & friendships, or I’ve met through Amateur Radio. Recently I was in a high end steakhouse the other side of the country from home, out for a business event, when a song a friend had produced when the original team didn’t come through came on, reminding me of how in this big big world we do all somehow interconnect. Seeing & hearing friends’ works succeed is awesome!

As my home state goes from positive national media from the Super Bowl and hometown features in Forbes & USA Today, while traveling this week Wisconsin went to International Media Attention with the Budget Protests at the State Capitol. While my neighbors are panicked that this casts Wisconsin in a bad light, and see out right eager to put all the blame on partisan politics, the truth is this is the healthiest thing that could happen – Hard Issues are being worked out in the public spotlight. The present state administration is weeks old, obviously inheriting the deficit, and to their credit they are putting it to the people in a big way. Tensions are running high, but the level of engagement of the common man – the man on the street – in the issues offers hope, a welcome contrast to the apathy & smoke-filled rooms deals that created the problem. Well that the people take ownership in the process!

Amateur Radio has had to take a backseat during my last rounds of travel. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been briefly to Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, and quite a number of Wisconsin cities. As I travel I have found that a few Amateur Radio web-presences stand out – the free magazine at World Radio LINK URL http://www.worldradiomagazine.com/ and lovely newsletter the “K9YA Telegraph” LINK URL http://www.k9ya.org stand out. I still listen to This Week In Amateur Radio International (TWIARi) though they have been updating podcasts infrequently LINK URL http://www.twiar.org/international.html

On other Podcasts I’ve recently whittled down those I download to a very small selection – I find it takes too long to listen compared to reading the same material. Several high quality content podcasts are so ponderous that the only reason I stay subscribed it to get a reminder to check for show notes.

Musically my desk when working after hours typically is streaming Classics & Jazz from one of several French Internet radio stations, as I admire their choices in music and perhaps am less bothered when spoken word interrupts having somehow perfected an ability to ignore spoken word when it isn’t English.

I’ve been very impressed with some Amateur Radio internet happenings – a friend seems to have remoting his Flex-5000 to a fine art currently on an Apple iPad. I do need to meet up with him and learnwhat I can on this great effort. The new Release Candidate of PowerSDR looks promising, as does the intensive Macro features that can be added in. A lot to look at and play with!

I did miss the TJ9PF DXpedition through travel. A couple times a year there are really neat DX events that I miss – guess that will help keep the hobby a long-term one for me!

Anyone in 9-land interested in helping get a W9 Summits On The Air (SOTA) group started? I have the groundwork done, but reality is that I cannot take the role of being the ongoing W9 SOTA contact. With my work & personal schedule people would have to wait too long for a reply. If you are interested I am good at “k9zw at arrl dot net” to start our discussion.

More once I get my desk dug out from travels!



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WorldRadio Online August Issue posted

Just received an email Notice that the August Issue of WorldRadio is available for download.

I’ve included the whole message with links, including how to get on the notification mailing list!




News from WorldRadio Online…

First, a word or two from our sponsors…

1) We think we’ve finally figured out how to send this message in plain text (didn’t work too well last month). So now, in theory, even if you’re signed up to receive these messages in digest form, and even if you haven’t told the e-mail system to send you HTML, the message should get through OK, even if it is “plain vanilla” (If you want something that looks pretty, you’ll have to go get the magazine!).

2) As a reminder, we do not e-mail the issue to you. There has been some confusion about this. This notification is all you will receive. You must go to the website, as directed below, and download the issue. For those of you with slower internet connections, we offer the option of viewing/downloading the issue in 4 segments, as well as viewing/downloading the entire issue at once. The four segments in the August issue cover pages 1-13, 14-25, 26-39 and 40-51. The table of contents is included with each segment. If you are interested in this option, please follow the instructions on the welcome page.

Now, the real reason for sending you this message…

The August issue of WorldRadio Online is available for downloading and reading. Here’s what you’ll find … in full color and with lots of pretty pictures:


Musings from Seven Miles Up: The DXpedition to Mozambique, by Cal White, WF5W DIY (Do-It-Yourself) RF Ammeter, by Mike Herman, WB8EVI


Editor’s Log
Rules & Regs: Accept Compensation?
With the HandiHams: We Want Our Morse Code!
Trail-Friendly Radio: The Baby Black Widow: “Houston, we DON’T have a problem!” Promotion and Recruitment: Summertime and the Promoting is Easy FISTS CW Club: Celebrate our Brasspounding Legacy – Go Portable! MARS: Thinking About “The Big One” and Preparing for it — For Real Amateur Satellites: ARISS: A Major Motivator
Emcomm and You: Never Stop Learning
DX World: DXing 101
Propagation: Is the Worldwide Ionosphere “In Step”?
Aerials: Half-Vertical Antenna


WorldRadio Online Newsfront
New Products
DX Predictions – August
Contest Calendar
Hamfests & Special Events
VE Exams
Visit Your Local Radio Club
WorldRadio Online Mart

On the Cover:
Inside this issue you will read about the adventures that hams are having while operating portable around the globe — from Africa to local parks, as well as ways to promote ham radio and attract teens to the Amateur Service.

To download and view the August issue of WorldRadio Online, go to the CQ home page at < www.cq-amateur-radio.com > and click on the “WorldRadio Online” box. There are several options for viewing/downloading the issue. See the instructions on the welcome page. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read WorldRadio Online. If you do not have it, scroll to the bottom of the welcome page and you will find a link for a free download.


You are subscribed to the WorldRadio Online E-Mail Alert Service.
To change or cancel [Or Subscribe], please go to < http://mailman.sunserver.com/mailman/listinfo/worldradio-L >.

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When Print Editions Go Away – World Radio & PC Magazine

Two of the publications I read monthly have decided to pull the plug on their print editions, and will be “publishing” on-line only.

Each has handled the transition differently.

World Radio has sold to CQ Magazine, is stopping Print Publication in favor of a Free Webzine Version, and is transferring the value of one’s paid-ahead subscription into CQ Magazine print subscriptions (or other items of value).

PC Magazine has not been sold, but is stopping Print Publication in favor of a Fee-Based Paid Subscription Webzine Version, and is transferring the value of one’s paid-ahead subscription into Paid Subscription Webzine Version subscriptions , with an option to get a refund (which also means loosing the reader).

Two poor implementations of  mistaken strategies.

In the case of World Radio, it was on my reading list because – it had a human angle to it, it was a “reader’s newspaper” magazine, rather than an arts & crafts graphic designer’s folly, it was timely, portable, and fun.  

In the case of PC Magazine it was on my reading list because it was topical, inexpensive, had some gems in between the marketing drivel, my kids enjoyed reading it after I was done and it was, well “fun.”

Unless I am an anomaly , it is never the web where I turn to read lengthy articles.

A Webzine is less portable to the places I end up doing magazine reading – between appointments in some waiting room, traveling, in my ham shack while monitoring the bands, at the lake or on the Island where Internet is often unavailable or simply having a quick read before putting one’s head down to sleep.

World Radio does have one thing right – they recognize that they cannot successfully levy a fee to read their new Webzine.

PC Magazine is gambling that they can levy user fees.  

I know in my personal case I have let my World Radio Subscription meld into extending my CQ Magazine subscription and in the case of PC Magazine I have told them to send me a refund.

Things change, that is certain, and media products will change formats.  They also will fade away if they get it wrong.



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CQ Communications Acquires WorldRadio Magazine – Merger or Separate?

A hearty thanks to Armond Noble N6WR for his years at the helm of WorldRadio, as many of the Amateur Radio press sources are carrying a somewhat confusing news release:

For release: November 12, 2008


(Hicksville, NY and Sacramento, CA, November 12, 2008) — CQ Communications, Inc. has acquired WorldRadio magazine, CQ Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA and WorldRadio Publisher Armond Noble, N6WR, announced jointly today. CQ, based in Hicksville, New York, currently publishes CQ Amateur Radio, CQ VHF and Popular Communications magazines.

WorldRadio, based in Sacramento, California, has been published monthly since July, 1971, with a primary focus on the human side of ham radio. CQ, a general-interest ham radio magazine best known for its support of DXing and contesting, has been in print since January, 1945.

Armond Noble, N6WR, Publisher of WorldRadio, said that at the age of 74 the time had come for him to retire. “I wanted to be sure that WorldRadio found a good home, and that our readers would continue to be served by an independent voice in amateur radio,” Noble said.

CQ Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, said, “WorldRadio has filled an important niche in our hobby for nearly four decades. We welcome WorldRadio’s readers to the CQ family, and we look forward to meeting their needs for many years to come.”

Current plans call for WorldRadio to continue to be published online as part of the CQ family of magazines, with Editor Nancy Kott, WZ8C, continuing in that position. WorldRadio subscribers will also have their subscriptions transferred to CQ magazine. Readers will be notified of details as plans are finalized.

Last paragraph says WorldRadio will continue and then goes on to say WorldRadio subscribers will have their subscriptions transfered to CQ Magazine.

Rather confusing statement.

Hopefully the two independent voices will remain but again the confused last statement puts that in question.



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Poppycock All Stirred Up – World Radio Calls it Wrong Again

Check out your Jun 2008 World Radio “Rules & Regs” for a real mixed-bag of opinions on following Part 97.

John W3BE’s take that certain classes of Exam Questions (frequencies from a chart) are less than useful, and that one should consult the actual FCC Part 97  rather than depend solely on the popular rewrites sold by various amateur radio publishers, is spot on.

John W3BE’s suggestion that it is more important that an amateur know where to access information, like band charts, than memorize then, recognizes the reality that these band plans change, are complex, and memorization is likely to lead to more operator errors.  

Considering publications other than the actual FCC Part 97 as “background information” also makes sense.  In the end the rules will speak for themselves.

Unfortunately the common sense vacates when opinions on the /M for Maritime and “-” in lue of “/” for a separator during digital transmissions are offered.

John W3BE is right that 97.113(c) does speak on these issues.  As for the use of common identifiers like /M, /P, /R or /P they must not conflict with assigned prefixes or FCC reserved identifiers.  “Not Conflicting” does not mean that the same letters would be unavailable for other use, rather they should not be used where they might cause a confusion with a country prefix.  Signing /M remotely might indicate English operation, but as CEPT calls for M/callsign format, there is no possibility of conflict or lack of clarity.  Anything suggesting otherwise is an imagined conflict where it cannot occur.  

The use of “-” in place of “/” where the computerized use of the “/” mark would confuse the computer has been interpreted by the FCC as to be allowable under the “….slant mark (/) or any suitable word that indicates the slant mark….” idea that “-” is a more suited “word” for computer use than “/”

 It all comes back to common sense. The FCC rules are not intended to disable amateur operations, but to provide safety, harmony, interoperability, and coordination. Enforcement is the exception reserved for those who won’t “color inside the lines.”

Paranoia that the rules are endless extensible to include the whims of the reader is wishful thinking. Consult the rules and if in doubt consult the FCC – they responded with reasonable clarity on these two minor isses when I asked.



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Differing Opinions – The Field Day Control Operator (and at Other Times)

It is always something I enjoy, receiving and reading the newspaper “World Radio” publication.

Never fail to find something of interest in it.

One column that has left me puzzled though, is John johnston W3BE’s “Rules & Regs.”

So often the opinions offered in that column are completely at odds with the interpretations of the FCC, ARRL, OOs and about every amateur out there.

The May 2008 issue offers a rash of opinions – mind you “opinions” – on Control Operators, Club Stations, Field Day Stations and the like which are skewed enough, whether exploring special cases or full of logical fallacies based on unstated conditions assumed, as to be impossible to use as a guide.

The motives of creating such confusion or misrepresenting a very narrowly held ultra-restrictive view of FCC rules as broadly accepted FCC practice is most likely an editorial decision we will never really get an insight into.

But the questions covered are serious, deserving accurate interpretation & guidelines.

The ARRL has a great summary FAQ on the Control Operator question:

Who’s in Control of Your Station?

The ARRL expands on a whole group of common FCC questions at:  

Regulatory Frequently Asked Questions

Topics covered include:


  • Amateur Operation in International Waters FAQ
  • Application Filing FAQ
  • ARES® vs RACES FAQ: Two Flavors of Amateur Radio Emergency Operation
  • Bandwidth Proposal
  • Club Station License FAQ
  • Equipment Authorization FAQ, FCC
  • FCC Amateur Communications and Operations FAQ
  • FCC Duplication and Call Sign Research Contractor
  • Local Government Zoning Restriction “How To” Chart
  • Prospective Amateur Radio Operator FAQ
  • Reciprocal Licensing FAQ
  • Repeaters, Auxiliary Stations, and “Remote Base” FAQ
  • Special Event 1 X 1 Call Sign FAQ
  • Vanity Call Sign FAQ, ARRL
  • Vanity Call Sign FAQ, FCC
  • Voice over the Internet Protocol and Amateur Radio FAQ
  • Who’s in Control of Your Station?
  • 60 Meter FAQ
  • So there is no need to worry about what a single individual reinterprets the FCC rules as, when you have access to the actual FCC rules and “plain text” from the ARRL to guide you.


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