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The W9EVT “Ham Hotel” – Major Ham Shack Upgrades and Guesthouse Accommodations

George W9EVT’s Greengate Farm Hamshack has undergone a bit of a transformation.

It is now approaching four times as big!

As George’s XYL Susan did a serious upgrade with a new kitchen & build-out at the main Greengate Farm Home, the Ham Shack has started its transformation to a Ham Mansion!

While accomidations at Greengate Farm remain the same as before the expansion, the Ham Mansion will offer a significant increase in space to show off the best of George W9EVT’s collection of radios and related gear.

This is very nice for the WI9DX DX Club when operating from the W9EVT QTH.

Greengate Farm Main Website

W9EVT’s Greengate Farm Ham Shack/Mansion

W9EVT Hamansion from the South

W9EVT Hamansion from the East

W9EVT Hamansion from the West

 With the new Ham Mansion closed in, a room by room finishes & completion project starts, one that may take some time as just the right furnishings & radio gear are set up for the Radio Rooms.

George W9EVT shared that the master plan includes separate rooms for Military Radios, several of the major US Manufacturers, and a significant extension of his main operating area.

Not only does the expansion and theme operating rooms make the W9EVT Ham Mansion special, the location on Washington Island Wisconsin (US Island WI-001L) and available rental accomidations on site make it a unique combination.

More on the W9EVT Greengate Ham Mansion to follow!



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Washington Island DX Club – WI9DX

Door Island

Traveling across “Death’s Door” to Washington Island several times each year to operate from the W9EVT Hamshack it became apparent that interest in a DX Club existed among resident and visiting amateurs and the WI9DX Washington Island DX Club was created in 2006.

Operating from the Greengate Farm QTH of Club President George Ulm W9EVT the Washington Island DX Club has the advantage of operating from one of the quietest Amateur Radio locations available in the Great Lakes.

Though Washington Island (US Island WI-001L) has been long a rare and special location for Amateur Radio operations, the WI9DX Club was formed to actively promote DX and Contest operations from the island.

Founding Members George W9EVT, Mac W9EVI and Steve K9ZW invite any visiting radio amateur to participate in the club. Amateurs visiting Washington Island not staying at Greengate Farm are welcome (coordinate with W9EVT for details).

Some highlights of the club:

– Based at the W9EVT Contest Shack
– 6-element 15m, 17m and 20m Monoband Yagis
– 10-element 10m Yagi
– 6-element Trapped-LPDA 40m
– 40m Bruce Array (Currently being rebuilt after damage from a tower cable failure)
– 160-10m Full Size Carolina Windom
– 160m full sized loop antenna
– Receive Antennas in development
– US/CDN Island Designation # WI001L
– Rare Grid Square EN65
– Motorola Canopy High Speed Internet
– Club Call Sign WI9DX with attractive WI9 Prefix
– and of course the Island’s stunningly RF-Quiet location




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K9ZW, Please Meet Mr Murphy – or Breaking Bits & Pieces

They say that what can go wrong, will. Well fortunately that is not quite true, but there does seem to be a correlation with the idea that the more trouble an equipment breakdown would cause, the more likely it will actually break down.

Within hours of arriving on Washington Island WI-001L my Macbook’s hard drive again bit the dust. As I had it loaded with the software I intended to use for the CQ WW Contest it is a bit annoying.

So going to my Palm I find that it has somehow ended up discharged. That it was perhaps helped by youngsters playing its feeble games might just have something to do with it.

Seems that one of the two cellphones joined the Palm in going flat.

Calling my Apple Store I learn that certain of the early Macbooks seemed to be jinxed with loosing hard-disks. With my copy of Leopard waiting for my return I sure wish this had happened a week down the road, when the OS-X 10.5 “Time Machine” would make loosing the machine’s hard-disk pretty much a non-event.

Oh did I mention that none of the Amp cables I brought along for the FT-950 will work either in the Linear Plug or the Tuner Plug? And that the QRP PSK-31 Setup I brought along depended not only on the computer that is now DOA, but on a cable I left on the bench at home?

On the plus side the Expert SPE 1K Amp is really neat!

The FT-950 has been getting great reports.

With some very welcome help from Hector AD4C the Omni VII is set up really well!

And that the footings and slab are in place for George W9EVT’s Shack Expansion?

More soon!



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